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Turkey Golden Retriever, Derby, Goes Live on WHAS TV

tvcameraandtake1Derby, one of our prior golden retrievers rescued from Istanbul, was featured on the WHAS Great Day Live show on October 14, 2016.  His debut with Rachel Platt and Terry Meiners was incredible.  With Derby at their side, Jane and Kimberly told the story of Ash, one of GRRAND’s newest rescued Goldens from Turkey.  His story, along with before and after pictures, was heartrending. Ash’s life in Turkey and the pictures of his struggle to survive are difficult to watch but if you love happy endings, his story is a must see!  Grab a tissue and click on this link to see Ash’s story.

Fall 2016 Arrival of 5 New Golden Retrievers from Turkey

Have a look at the arrival of our Golden Retrievers from Turkey.  Enjoy this short Video and read on for some interesting facts about the rescue of dogs from Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Adopt-A-Golden Atlanta (AGA) was the first Golden Retriever Rescue in the U.S. to coordinate the international rescue of Goldens from Istanbul, Turkey. The first plane arrived on May 9, 2015, with 36 “Turkey Dogs.”
  • Since May 2015, AGA alone has brought in 213 Goldens.  AGA’s 12th plane full of Goldens is arriving this month with 18 more Turkey Dogs.
  • Yasemin Baban, a resident of Turkey, is the key coordinator for the Turkey Golden program and is instrumental in facilitating the international rescues.  She has spent the past 12 years rescuing Goldens from the streets and forests of Istanbul.  Through Yasemin’s initial partnership with AGA, 800 Goldens between the US and Canada have been rescued from Turkey.
  • GRRAND is one of 19 Golden Retriever Rescues across the US that have brought dogs over.

For more information and pictures click here.



September Fun! GRRAND Events in
Louisville & Cincinnati

sept-calendarThe month of September has been a busy one for GRRAND, the kind of busy that’s incredibly fun!  We hosted several events in our adoption communities – from the fundraiser at Citizen 7 (Louisville) to Trivia Night at Saints (Louisville), then Bark in the Park at Seneca Park (Louisville), and finally the Golden Gathering at WagsPark (Cincinnati).  We extend a tail-wagging thank you to all of our members, guests, and GRRAND dogs who supported these events!

The most-recent event on September 25 at WagsPark was a hit!  There were at least 40 GRRAND dogs in attendance with their owners, and all (both the 2- and 4-legged variety) had boundless fun!  For those who may not know, WagsPark closed its facility to the public to allow GRRAND to host this event for FREE, and provided food and drinks to all who attended.  They also provided staff during the event to make sure everyone had a great time and to ensure all dogs were safe.  For those of you who are not familiar with WagsPark, you should check it out!  It’s the Kentucky Kingdom or Kings Island version of dog fun.  Go to the WagsPark homepage to view all of the activities you can enjoy with your best friend!

Here are some pictures we thought you might enjoy!





Love Chili’s Grill & Bar?  Love GRRAND?

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Sponsor the 2016 GRRAND Affair!

2016 GA sponsorship formFall is just around the corner and that means the GRRAND Affair planning committee is feverously gearing up for the best event ever!  This year’s GRRAND Affair will feature many changes to streamline the auction process and add more excitement to the whole evening.  It’s going to be a ‘doggone’ fun evening that you don’t want to miss!  For more details on the changes this year, check-out your fall issue of the GRRAND GRROWL newsletter.

As most of you know, the GRRAND Affair raises the majority of the annual operating funds required to rescue Goldens and needy dogs in our community.  Without dedicated donors like you, we would not be able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome so many of these wonderful dogs.  We invite you to support GRRAND by becoming a GRRAND Affair Sponsor.

Sponsorships begin at $250 and increase to a $10,000 presenting sponsor.  All sponsorship donations include complimentary tickets to the event and a host of other benefits.  Visit www.bidpal.net/ga2016  to review each level of support and the associated benefits.

Use the Sponsorship Pledge Form on the back of the GRRAND GRROWL to support the 2016 GRRAND Affair.  You may also print the 2016 GRRAND Affair Sponsorship Form and mail your donation to GRRAND.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 4, 6:30 p.m., at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center in Louisville, KY.

Turkey Dogs II – Five More Turkey Dogs to be Rescued!



Clap your hands, jump for joy, high five with your best canine friend because GRRAND is going to rescue more Golden Retrievers from Turkey.  October will be an exciting month as we welcome five new Goldens from Istanbul to our rescue program.

For those of you who are new to GRRAND, we rescued three Goldens from Turkey in May 2016.  There are many homeless dogs in Turkey, and not enough room in the shelters for all of them.  Dogs in Turkey either live out their lives in a shelter, or are put back on the streets after they are spayed or neutered.  According to a recent CNN report, estimates of the number of street dogs in Istanbul alone range from 70,000 to 150,000.  Thousands of these abandoned dogs are Golden Retrievers.  In Mayfinal turkey dog pic 2015, Adopt a Golden Atlanta (AGA) spearheaded the first U.S. rescue effort and arranged for a flight to bring 36 Golden Retrievers living in Istanbul shelters to Atlanta.  AGA has now taken in over 200 dogs from Istanbul and GRRAND is proud to partner with other rescue organizations to find loving homes for each of them.

GRRAND is blessed to have such dedicated supporters.  In May, our members proudly stepped up to support this rescue endeavor by donating to the Turkey Golden Rescue Fund.  The cost, including air fare, overnight boarding and vet fees is approximately $2000 per dog.  Our fundraising goal for bringing these 5 dogs to GRRAND is $10,000.  Would you consider a donation to the Turkey Golden Rescue Fund?

To learn more about this effort and the adoption application requirements, visit the Turkey Golden Rescue Update page.  To get an up-close view of our first Turkey Golden rescue, sit back and enjoy this video presentation.

Meet Our New Turkey Dogs

Celebrate GRRAND’s 20th Birthday!

This is a very special year for GRRAND.  We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!  In two decades, this all-volunteer organization has helped rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for over 4,200 dogs in need!  If you’re reading this, chances are good you’ve played a role in GRRAND’s longevity by offering your support through volunteering, adopting, fostering, sponsoring, and/or donating. It has taken ongoing dedication to see GRRAND reach this milestone anniversary.

GRRAND Poster 3_9-2

In 2015, GRRAND placed 174 dogs with loving adoptive families.  Over the course of 20 years, GRRAND has truly helped change the outcome for all of the Goldens entering its program, giving them new beginnings to send them on their way to brighter, happier lives. Whether you are new to GRRAND or have been involved since its inception, thank you for joining and supporting the GRRAND family.  Please consider adopting or fostering a golden.  You may also make donations to GRRAND in support our mission.  We would love for you to be a part of our rich history!