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During this time of uncertainty and physical distancing, please know that GRRAND cares about each of you. As we face these difficult times, it is our hope that we as a society can come together, rededicate our service for others, reinvigorate our love for friends and family, and rediscover important aspects of life that have been overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Our thoughts are with you and we pray for peacefulness and good health. Our pets have a way of providing comfort and care when we need it most. Give yours a kiss; it will make you both feel better!



GRRAND Rescue Status and Temporary Application Process

GRRAND is making several changes to the adoption/foster process in order to protect our volunteers, applicants and their families. Below is a description of our changed application process but please keep in mind that our world is in a fluctuating state right now and we must be vigilant about protecting you. That means there may be changes to our changes! Please be patient with us as we navigate through these difficult times. Our goal is to continue rescuing dogs in need because for many it may mean life or death to them.

GRRAND’s application for fostering or adopting is still the same. Click on Adopt or Foster to submit your application.

Home visits will be adjusted until further notice in order to protect you and our volunteers. Once your application is received our volunteer will contact you

  • Before the virtual “in-home” visit, our GRRAND volunteer will come to your home to check your fencing.  You need not come outside or even be at home for this visit.  The volunteer will also leave an adoption packet that will be reviewed during the the upcoming virtual meeting.
  • The “in-home” visit will be conducted via Face Time. During that Face Time meeting our GRRAND volunteer will review the information that is typically presented during an in-person meeting. If you do not have access to Face Time, we will postpone the home visit until it is safe to meet in person.
  • If you have a child under the age of 10-years we ask that you submit your application, but we are postponing home visits for the next several weeks. We will contact you once it’s safe to conduct the visit in your home.

Thank you for your patience with these changes.  Our thoughts focus on safety first for you and our volunteer team.



New Hope for Dogs in China Meat Trade

A few months ago, we informed you that our China meat trade dog rescue was on hold because of the COVID 19 virus. That still holds true and at this time we do not know when, or if, we will begin to bring those dogs back into the United States.

The devastation of this virus tends to keep us focused on the negative impacts, but there are scattered rays of hope, what some of us would call a silver lining in the dark cloud. That has been the case with the China dog meat trade. According to recent news, the Chinese government has signaled an end to the human consumption of dogs, releasing a draft policy that would forbid the sale of canine meat. Citing the “progress of human civilization” as well as growing public concern over animal welfare and the prevention of disease transmission it’s hopeful that dogs in China, and perhaps in other countries, will no longer be sold for meat.

The Humane Society International estimates between 10 and 20 million dogs are killed every year for meat consumption in China. This new change and outlook by the Chinese government is indeed a silver lining that will save so many dogs. Let’s hope that trend extends to other countries that practice this inhumane procedure.



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