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Four of Five Turkey Dogs Identified and Coming to GRRAND.
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GRRAND Turkey Dog Rescue Fundraiser!   Support our newest rescue effort by purchasing T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Raglans.  The fundraising campaign is now open, so place your order soon!  Shirts will be available until April 3.  All apparel will be shipped directly to you when the campaign closes.  Just click on the image below.


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final turkey dog pic for #3Special Delivery Coming to America:  TURKEY DOGS ARRIVING THIS SPRING

The TD3s will be arriving in Louisville this spring.  GRRAND is bringing in five more Golden Retrievers, rescued from Istanbul, Turkey.  As we get closer to the transport date, GRRAND will have an opportunity to choose the five Golden Retrievers to make their way to the United States.   For our third international rescue, GRRAND has committed to taking at least one critical care Turkey Golden – an older dog, or one that may need emergency vet care for an injury sustained while trying to survive on the streets or in the forest.  With their arrival, GRRAND has rescued 13 Golden Retrievers from Istanbul since May 2016!

If you are interested in adopting a Turkey Golden, please submit your application NOW.  (insert link)  We would love to pair approved adoptive families with their Turkey Goldens before they arrive.  For approved applications, families may even have the opportunity to help select the rescued Golden from Istanbul to come to America!  Please indicate on your application that you are applying to adopt a Turkey Golden.

If you are unable to adopt, but would still like to help GRRAND continue to rescue these deserving dogs, please consider making a donation to our Turkey Golden Fund!


Handsome, Mannered, Lovable Wilson Needs a Home!

wilsonDo you like long walks around the neighborhood, and toys that squeak – because I sure do!  Wilson here, SYLM (Single Yellow Lab Mix) looking for the perfect forever family! Let me tell you a little more about myself. Life started out a bit rough for me, I had no family, was locked up in a kennel, and boy was I scared! Things turned around though when the lovely people at GRRAND saved me and brought me to a wonderful foster home where I am now living the good life!

My most FAVORITE things (in no particular order) are other dogs, kids, cats, and cuddles! I love to play and run with all of my 2 and 4 legged friends. Also, did I mention that having a feline friend would just be the cat’s meow?  I’m a pretty attractive pup, and find that lots of exercise is key to my good looks. I am in tip-top shape, and love going to doggy daycare and to the dog park to meet new friends and expend some of my energy. In the evenings, I enjoy relaxing and am quite content to curl up with you at night in my own bed, or yours, if you can “skootch” over for me – I promise I won’t snore.

I have excellent manners; I know exactly where to go “you know what” (clue for all you young pups out there: it is NOT in the house). I’ll be sure to let you know when I need to take care of business. I have quite the refined palate, and know that chewing on furniture or your favorite pair of shoes is a big no-no, and prefer to stick to my dog toys or bones.

Life is pretty great, but even though I have a comfy bed and a tasty bone, all I really want is a family to call my own. You won’t find a handsome and fun boy like me just anywhere, so let GRRAND know that you would like to meet Wilson and fill out that adoption application quickly before someone scoops me up.

Wanna see me in action? Watch this!