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5000!  A Historic Milestone for GRRAND

Taylor, living in a “foster to adopt” home for about 10 days, just hit the jackpot!  Taylor’s new mom, Carol, has been waiting since last March for a wonderful companion with just the right personality to share a home with she and her dog.  After such a long wait she was discouraged and all but gave up on the goal to find the perfect dog.  Then after some very heartfelt prayers she was overjoyed to get the phone call about Taylor, and the rest as they say is history!  Taylor and Carol have the distinct honor of representing a historic milestone for GRRAND…adoption number 5000!  Congratulations Taylor and Carol and thank you to all of our GRRAND adoptive families for helping us to place so many incredible dogs over the years!!! 



Three China meat trade dogs arrive at GRRAND!  Read more…



Order Your 2020 GRRAND Calendar Now!

The GRRAND Rescue Dog Photo Calendar is now available for purchase.  The cost is $15 per calendar, including shipping.  Click here to place your order!





Please help GRRAND make a difference for dogs destined for the cruel Asian dog meat trade.

GRRAND is embarking on another international rescue effort to save dogs in Asia that are victims of a horrible practice of selling and consuming dog meat.  We need your help.  Please click here for more information and donation opportunities.  Warning:  The information on the lower portion of the Asian dog meat trade page is difficult to read and the pictures are very disturbing.



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