52 Chances to Help GRRAND Do the Right Thing

As you will recall, the Amish Blizzard of December ’22 brought us fifty-two precious puppies, who have grown up with lots of love plus lots of “Get down from there!” This fall they will be lining up for spay and neuter and boy, could we use your help.

Would you consider going shares with us to sponsor a pup’s fixing? The owners help by providing the cone and the care; our volunteers work with our vets to get everyone on the list at the right age and time; what we truly need is the funding.

Costs vary, but with a ballpark around $400 (times 52- gulp!) any contribution you could manage would lift us up, for sure. You can it do right now by clicking the “Donate” button below or by sending a check directly to our treasurer, Patti Sacra, at the following address: 422 Bromwell Dr., Louisville, KY, 40245.

You can donate any amount but if you donate $500, you will receive 4 free tickets to the 2023 GRRAND Affair live & silent auction in November. Donate $250 and you will receive 2 free tickets to this awesome event.

As always, thanks so much for your support of our rescued GRRAND pups!

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