Adoption FAQs

GRRAND Geographic Placement Areas by County

Without exception, GRRAND adoptions are limited to the geographic counties shown in the table below.

Note: It is our policy to meet face-to-face during the adoption application process for home visits, follow-up visits, and other one-on-one meetings. We do not process applications outside the boundaries listed below because we do not have experienced volunteers living in those areas. The geographic limitation is in place for the safety of our volunteers who would have to travel to conduct face-to-face meetings and assist during emergency situations involving a dog we have placed in those areas.
Kentucky CountiesOhio CountiesIndiana Counties
Anderson (some areas)Butler (some areas)Clark (some areas)
BooneClermont (some areas)Floyd (some areas)
Bullitt (some areas)Greene (some areas)
Campbell (some areas)Hamilton
FayetteMontgomery (some areas)
Madison (some areas)
Scott (some areas)
Shelby (some areas)
Spencer (some areas)

What are your fencing policies? If you have no fence and live in a household with adults (all of whom are 16 years or over), have previous experience with pets, and commit to leash walking we will consider your application.  If you have children who have not yet turned 16 years of age, you must have a fence and there is no exception to that policy.  Your fence must meet the following standards to adopt a dog.

a) A fully enclosed, secure, fence must:

b) The invisible fencing for underground wiring must meet all the following qualifications in order to be approved:  

What is your policy for children under 6 years of age? The great majority of our rescued goldens come from animal shelters and their histories are generally unknown. Due to our emphasis on safety, GRRAND will not place into families with children under the age of six any of the following:

The only potential exception to this policy is for experienced pet owners whose children have been raised with a dog or dogs in the home. This exception is only for the adoption of adult dogs.  An approved exception will require the adopter to sign a waiver of liability prior to the adoption.

What is your Vet Care policy?  Our Vet Care Team will keep a new adoptive parent up to date on the medical care each GRRAND dog has received.  

May I select the dog I want? We welcome your inquiries about specific dogs and will be glad to talk to you about your options. Some dogs may not be the right fit for your family and lifestyle or may already be meeting a previously approved family.

How do I make a request for a puppy? If you are only interested in adopting a puppy, you should submit your application and ask to be placed on a waiting list

Do I have to apply if I have adopted before?

What is the adoption application process? Upon submittal of your application, please notify your references and veterinarian that GRRAND will be contacting them by phone. To process your application GRRAND will:

Note: IF GRRAND is unable to verify you have provided responsible vet care for your pets, your application will likely be declined.

How long will it take to process my application? Your application will be processed as quickly as possible by GRRAND volunteers. We appreciate your patience and will provide status updates as appropriate. If you have questions during the process, contact us.

Why do you have an Adoption fee? The average cost to rescue one GRRAND dog is over $1,000. Just like any responsible pet owner, we must ensure our dogs are healthy, neutered, or spayed, and vaccinated prior to placement. Adoption fees are used to compensate for vet expenses and boarding costs incurred by GRRAND for each incoming dog. Your adoption fee is used to offset the following costs:

GRRAND is also available to provide:

What happens after I adopt a dog? Expect post-adoption follow-ups from GRRAND to assist you with the transition of your new dog and to answer questions you might have.

How do I know if a Golden Retriever is the right fit for my family?  Take the time to review this document to understand the characteristics and care requirements for a Golden Retriever.

How long will it take a newly adopted dog to adjust to his/her new home and how can I help?  Of course, all dogs are different but to help you understand how they process a new environment, please review the 3.3.3 Rule in the graphic below.  

You can help by:

  1. Being slow and patient with them
  2. Letting them adjust at their own pace
  3. Avoiding the urge to push them into something with which they are not comfortable
  4. Giving your new dog a private space to help with the adjustment
  5. Avoiding overstimulation
  6. Rewarding good behavior with calm, soothing talk, treats, etc.
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