GRRAND Opening Celebration October 2021

GRRAND opened its new facility, GRRAND Central Station on August 16th, 2021!  For a bit of historic background, in 2016 Ellen Leslie made a generous donation of her property and buildings that was the former Vine Crest Kennels located in Lyndon, Kentucky.  We quickly recognized that maintaining a property of this size was costly and coordinating volunteers to ensure a presence for the dogs was sometimes difficult.  Our desire was to devote our full resources to the rescue of dogs but now we were committed to the addition of a secondary role to operate and maintain a kennel facility. 

In September 2019, GRRAND announced a partnership venture with The Pet Station Country Club.  After months of planning, GRRAND agreed to lease the GRRAND Central Station kennel property to them.  In exchange, they have built a beautiful new facility, including kennel space for our dogs, and their staff will assume the responsibility of maintaining the care of our rescue dogs.

GRRAND’s new facility has:

• office space that will become GRRAND’s headquarters

• bathing and grooming space

• 10 state of the art kennel runs, including 2 for isolation and puppies

• grass yard for kenneled dogs

• play yard designated for GRRAND dogs

• walking path 

• pool area designated for GRRAND dog exercise, hydrotherapy, and fun

We will be hosting a GRRAND Opening Ceremony sometime in October and hope to see you there! 

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