It’s raining dogs and puppies! UPDATE

New intake today (1.17.24):

Aa 2-year-old husky-doodle was abandoned in a rental house by his family who moved to another rental house and left him behind.  They left him with no food or water, and he was forced to live in his excrement.

Authorities were contacted, but they did not take him to the shelter because they feared he would be euthanized.  GRRAND’s board member and trainer, Alicia, was contacted and she worked with our adoption coordinator to take this poor dog.  He was picked up this morning, along with another dog and transported to GRRAND. 

Last night we were contacted by authorities who went to a property for a serious situation and found a number of breeding Pyrenees and Beagles.  Two female Pyrenees were found with litters of pups.  One litter was about 2 weeks old the other slightly older.  One is with a GRRAND whelping volunteer. The other litter is coming to GRRAND to be temporarily relocated with mom (who’s already with GRRAND) so they can get the nourishment they need. All are safely in GRRAND’s care.

And yes, there’s more!  We just accepted 3 Labradors that will also go to Sharon’s kennel.  She is a GRRAND angel!

Including the puppies we already had plus these 2 new litters we may have upwards of 25 puppies to place. 

We are struggling to get all of these dogs and puppies through intake and to our vet. We can sure use your help. Fill out a foster or adoption application if you are interested. We can also use donations. This is going to be costly for us. DONATE HERE

GRRAND is at a critical intake status.  We’ve just brought in a boatload of dogs and puppies!  Please visit our website’s ADOPT page to see pictures and read about these dogs and their needs.  Some have special needs so make sure you read the biography first.  If interested, please submit an application to foster or adopt.  You’ll find the application link on the ADOPT page and the biography page for each dog.

Below are some pictures but for a complete update visit our Golden Boys and Golden Girls on the ADOPT page. We are looking for a boatload of adoption and foster applications to help us save the boatload of incoming dogs and puppies! You’ll find the adoption and foster application links on the ADOPT page. Please take note of our adoption/foster geographic placement areas before you submit you application.

Thanks to all of you who always come to our rescue!

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