We Have the Equipment, We Have the Dogs, We Just Need You!

GRRAND is looking for volunteers to bathe and groom incoming rescue dogs prior to transferring them to foster or adoptive homes. We have a hydraulic grooming tub in the kennel, a blow dryer, grooming tools, and a grooming table, but we need helping hands to use the equipment and make our rescues feel better and look their best for foster or adoptive families.  Grooming credentials required.

We’re looking for folks to work in pairs to accomplish this task. Some of these dogs just need a little fluffing and buffing while others need help with heavy matting or years of dirt buildup and poor skin condition.

GRRAND’s grooming coordinator, Tracy Farrell will work with you to meet your scheduling needs. If you can help with light brushing or comforting a dog while they are being groomed that would be wonderful.

If you wish to serve on this team, please contact Tracy Farrell and submit a volunteer application.  Identify your desire to join the Grooming Team in the section of the application labeled “Background.”  

Many thanks to all of you!

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