Geoffrey Castle

I am heartbroken to report that Geoffrey Castle passed away on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.  Geoffrey was adopted by Bob and Carol Castle in August 2018. 

Geoffrey also known as “Geoffrey the Gentleman” was a sweet, kind soul.  He was the most chill Golden you’ve ever met.  He will be missed but he had several who loved him waiting on him in heaven (Geoffrey—I hope you, Lola, and Daddy are having so much fun back together again).

He had been fine, eating/drinking, his typical self.  Went out to the bathroom on Wednesday morning about 4:45, even took a short little “jog” on the way back in the house.  By the time I’d gotten out of the shower and ready for work, Geoffrey was on the den floor not willing to come get breakfast.  When Geoffrey wouldn’t even eat peanut butter off my fingers, I knew we weren’t headed in a good direction.  I loaded Geoffrey up in the car and headed straight to the Emergency Vet.  Unfortunately, his abdomen was full of fluid and there was fluid surrounding his heart causing it not to beat properly.  The small amount of fluid removed from his abdomen was a serosanguineous fluid that when the vet examined it under microscope, had lots of abnormal cells.  The vet said that this type of fluid collection most typically means cancer and most likely widely metastatic due to the amount of fluid surrounding his heart and in his abdomen.  She felt as though it was probably Lymphoma. 

I chose not to investigate any further because Geoffrey would have to be put through several procedures to stabilize him enough to perform diagnostics, just to know what we already knew… cancer and it was bad… I didn’t want him to suffer and I didn’t want him to be scared, just so I’d know what kind.  Geoffrey hated the vet and car rides, he just wanted to be home.  I couldn’t see putting him through lots of stress and discomfort. 

He loved the snow!  And he’d just recently gotten a day to run in the snow and roll around… that’s how I want to remember him… rolling in the snow.

     Geoffrey leaves behind his loving Momma, Carol and a brother and sister—

                Shelby Castle—a 12ish year old Rottweiler/Lab Mix adopted From Woodstock Animal Clinic in June 2020                 Levon Castle—an 11-month-old Golden that loved to nap with Geoffrey

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