Maisie is a darling girl Golden – our Christmas baby born 12 25 22 – who came to us after her original owner found that her liver tests were abnormal. She went back to the backyard breeder, got her $800 back and her vet sent Maisie to us.

Maisie underwent a procedure at Purdue veterinary center.  Her abdominal blood vessels are malformed: instead of a large vein feeding blood into her liver to be detoxified, she has an aberrant narrow vessel that bypasses the liver entirely and returns NON detoxified blood through larger veins, up to the heart, where it circulates around again.  Her serum ammonia levels (which should approach zero) remain higher than 700, off the charts.

Despite this she is still a happy playful loving girl who loves sweet potatoes and her foster family, the Ostin’s.  All the people who encountered her loved her instantly – the people in the waiting room, the technicians, and the doctors.

We’re sad to say that the surgery was not successful.  They were unable to band-close the shunt vessel due to its small size and flow through the vein.  The continued high pressure in the portal vein will lead to cirrhosis and is deadlier in dogs than in people. 

As you know, we will continue to help Maisie with her food intake, medications, and hospice care.  She is such a sweet dog, and we want her to enjoy the time she has left.  Her foster parents will see that she gets love and care as she lives out her precious life.

As you can imagine, the cost for Maisie’s medical assistance and attempted surgery is quite costly.  Would you donate to help us pay those bills and keep her comfortable for the remainder of her life?

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