Daisy is a small Golden or Goldendoodle at only 30lbs.  She was likely dumped as a puppy over 2 yrs ago and has spent her entire life struggling to survive on her own.  She has wandered the countryside of Pulaski County, Ky for over 2 yrs, being observed by residents in the area, but never able to be caught.  People put food out for her but they knew if they notified authorities about her, she would be picked up and euthanized because of her terrible condition.  Residents said that over the years, she had several litters of puppies, but they don’t know what happened to the pups. 

Her situation was brought to the attention of GRRAND’s wonderful friend and trapper in the Pulaski County area, Rhonda Wilson.  Rhonda wanted to help her, but couldn’t keep Daisy herself so she didn’t want to trap her without somewhere for her to go.  Rhonda appealed to us because she thinks so highly of GRRAND and the wonderful homes we have found for other dogs she has rescued.  Daisy’s information was shared with a few GRRAND volunteers and Sharon Gretsinger (of course) offered to take her if Rhonda could trap her.  Well… within a couple of days, Rhonda was able to catch Daisy!  So many folks who had worried about this little pup were so grateful! 

Rhonda has taken her to the vet and found that Daisy doesn’t have mange, as suspected, but her hair loss is due to severe flea infestation and a secondary bacterial infection.  She also has a tick borne disease that she is being treated for.  Daisy is on antibiotics for her skin and the tick disease and is currently safe in an outdoor 10X10 pen with straw and a dog house at Rhonda’s kennel.  She will be getting regular food and sulfur baths 3 times a week for a couple of weeks with Rhonda and will then be ready to transfer to Louisville to a special GRRAND foster home.  We’ve already found the most perfect, loving foster home for her where she will start to learn that life and people can be good and not cruel.  She has so much to learn and so much health to regain.  It will be wonderful to see her with a full coat of hair before long and in a loving indoor home. 

Can you help us with the vet costs to help Daisy transform into the dog she was born to be? As always, thank you!

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