Chip has been in foster care with GRRAND since May. He is the sweetest “hunk of chocolate” ever! He came from a puppy mill and was terrified of humans. He is improving every single day and learning to love us folks that stand on 2 legs! He’s been neutered and everything checked out medically except his hips. His wobbly walk was a dead give-away. Just last week Chip traveled to Columbus, Ohio for hip surgery. He is back in his foster home home now and loving all the attention. He has a lot of healing to do but we can already see an improved range of motion and a little pep in his step.

As you can imagine, the cost to take Chip to a specialty clinic in Columbus for this surgery is incredibly expensive. If you wish to support Chip in his journey to a happy, healthy future please make a donation to help Chip recover with no worries and help GRRAND to cover surgery expenses, follow-up visits and other required costs for his healing. Chocolate Chip deserves a wonderful future filled with love!

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