Athena is a beautiful 2-year-old Great Pyrenees who came to GRRAND with her 12 six-week-old puppies.  She and her pups were living in a barn. 

Sadly, Athena is now in hospice care with GRRAND.  She has a fast-growing cancer and likely has 4 to 8 months to live.  Neither surgery nor medication can save her sweet life.  Her bones are easily breakable so she requires a foster hospice home where her pain can be managed.  Athena will need rest, nourishment, and controlled immobility to keep her bones from breaking.

GRRAND is honored to make Athena’s last months as good as possible for her.  With the medical intervention for pain and the most loving foster home around, she will at least die knowing the warmth of true love.  For that we are grateful.

We will incur expenses while she is in hospice care and if you want to be a part of making Athena’s last days the best of her life, please make a donation.

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