Here’s the transformation you and GRRAND made possible for Lily (previously Dollie).

Above, please see her transformation captured in pictures…first at the time of rescue from an overcrowded shelter…then at trainer Alicia Noschang’s house (resolving resource guarding issues,100% successfully)…and then three months later in her forever home, in her new cable knit sweater, which she loves! What a difference! Today, Lily is a happy and intensely loved little girl!

I’ve never had a small dog before and I have never had a dog sleep on my bed. We started out with Lily sleeping in her crate, then in a dog bed at the end of my bed. Sometime in the last month, I started waking up with Lily nestled on my chest, sometimes under my arm. How did that happen ??

I can’t thank you enough! I still miss Emma, my 85 lb., almost 14 ½ year old first GRRAND Dog who passed away on Mother’s Day, 2020. I’m sure I’ll always miss her. She was with me since she was 7 weeks old. But my 16 lb. “Silly Lily” has certainly helped fill the big void.

With much gratitude for all GRRAND and its dedicated volunteers do, Lily and I thank you!


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