When Jane called me and asked me to consider adopting “Ashby”, I took one look at his picture and my heart sank. He looked scared and miserable. Never one to pass on a challenge, I agreed to (at least) a visit with him at Sharon’s kennel. She said, “come visit Ashby and I will save you a visit to Cincinnati (to see another dog).

When we arrived, my daughter and I met Ashby. One blue eye, one gold eye and a playful spirit. Just one look and we were smitten.

We brought Ashby home and had a rough weekend. Ashby had been abandoned at a Walmart in Taylor County and had spent time in the shelter there and at the GRRAND shelter in Cincinnati before coming to Bardstown. He only weighs 27 lbs and is easily 15 pounds underweight right now (a month later). He is very timid–until he is not. He is quite the lady’s man, but any man will have to take his time and earn his trust. This boy can play a mean game of ball–for hours. He is charming, goofy and a big leaner and loves to sleep next to you. While his brother’s nose is a bit out of joint right now, I see them becoming allies against the mailman and any UPS delivery person.

I will never forget how he hopped in my car and smiled from ear to ear as we left Sharon’s. Work to do?  Certainly. Worth every minute? Absolutely.

And new house, new name. Ashby is now known far and wide as “Caspian”.


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