Volunteer Opportunities

Foster Support Team

This group will consist of 2 teams.  The Meet and Greet Team will assist with the introduction of dogs to potential foster families, including their dogs and children prior to placement.  The Foster Support Team will work with the foster family after the foster dog is placed in their home to ensure a successful transition.

Meet & Greet Team:  Dog savvy volunteers will help with meet and greets between dogs ready for fostering and potential foster families. These volunteers will introduce foster dogs to other dogs and children in a safe manner and assure the dog will be a good fit for the family.

Foster Support Team:  

Volunteers will serve as the foster family’s main point of contact once the foster dog has been placed in their home – answering questions and providing guidance as necessary. Volunteers on the Foster Support Team will check in periodically with foster families to ensure that the foster dog is transitioning well into the home and to receive updates for GRRAND’s website and social media pages.

Socialization Team

Socialize and exercise dogs housed at the Louisville GRRAND facility 

Grooming Team

Bathe and groom incoming rescue dogs prior to transferring them to foster or adoptive homes

Telephone Assistance

Respond to or forward messages to an appropriate GRRAND volunteer to answer questions from the public.  Involves speaking with folks to help them better understand GRRAND’s policies and operations.


Transport dogs to and from shelters, kennels, foster homes, and vet offices.

Applicant Screening

Make calls to process GRRAND adoption and foster applications. Contact vet offices, personal references, or applicants to verify application information.

Home Visits

Conduct on-site home visits for prospective adoptive families. Share information about adoption policies, ask questions, make observations, and complete a home visit checklist.

Foster a Dog

Provide a loving foster home for a GRRAND dog waiting to be adopted. Provide general care of the dog while assessing behavior, providing basic training skills, and being available to show the dog to prospective adopters.

Vet Care Assistance

Provide assistance to GRRAND’s Vet Care Coordinator in the management of medications dispersed to foster families and kennel managers for dogs awaiting adoption.

Public Events

Represent GRRAND at public events to market GRRAND’s mission, dogs, and volunteer recruitment. Many of these are “meet and greet” events at various pet stores and organizations to provide the public with information about GRRAND.

Marketing and Publicity

Assist GRRAND in organizing and planning marketing and publicity initiatives.


Participate in GRRAND fundraising initiatives, activities, and events as well as research and write grant proposals.

GRRAND Affair Auction Event

Assist with collection and preparation of auction items, preparation of displays at event, and auction activities (including set-up and take-down at event).

Writers or Graphic Designers for GRRAND Publications

Write articles and/or create graphics for GRRAND publications.


Volunteers work with shelters, owners, and the community to obtain specific information before bringing a dog into our program.

Follow-Up Committee

Committee provides important follow-up support to adoptive households to facilitate a smooth transition for everyone. With timely and helpful follow-up, we help make the adoption a successful one, provide resources as needed and ensure that appropriate vet care continues.

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