Therapy Dog, Issy Beth

Izzy Beth Stewart, 2/10/2008 – 8/14/2021. After fighting kidney disease for 2 years, it was time. I could tell it in her eyes, even though she still sought me out for loving up to the end. I adopted Izzy and her littermate, Bella, a little over 2 1/2 years ago, as a bonded senior pair, from GRRAND. Both great dogs, but Izzy was a natural therapy dog, so we tested and she passed with flying colors. During her visits (before Covid put a screeching halt to that), she touched the lives of people with Alzheimer’s, and children. Two moments stand out in my memory…we were at a facility, when we saw a man, sitting in the lobby in a wheelchair. I asked if he wanted to visit with my dog and he lifted his arm. As she went to greet him, he reached out to touch her and cried at first, then started laughing and smiling. We weren’t even assigned to see him. That was a God thing. Another time, we visited with a woman who had spoken very little in the previous months, but as she was petting Izzy, she held a real conversation! Izzy also loved sitting and listening to children read at our local library, and at JF Burns Elementary School. That girl lived for love! She loved going to our small dog park, but instead of visiting dogs, she went from person to person to person. I will always love her and miss her, but I am so grateful to have had those 2 1/2 years with the sweetest dog on the planet! Rest easy, baby girl.

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