Mr. Lego

We lost Mr. Lego this week.  We was about 13 and came into Grrand after his family gave him up to a kennel in KY for a bite on one of their kids.  He spent some quality time with Alicia during the first couple weeks and we got to learn a lot about his quirks. He was shut down for the first few months then ended up being our best bud!

LEGO ended up being the life of the party, always saying hi to our neighbors walking by, playing with the little shihtzu’s and chasing reflections on the back patio.  2 knee surgeries, 100 pounds and still a fit beefcake!  We loved Mr. Lego and Mumu(Mufassa), Misha, Zella and Maurice will miss him a ton.  See you someday soon Lego!  

Kris Fraggos

Dara Demaree

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