Minnie Smith

Our beloved Minnie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, August 15th, almost 6 full years after we adopted her from GRRAND. She came to us as Sandy on August 23, 2017, but to us she was Minnie, Minnie Moo, Min Min or Bug, and she was the sweetest dog we’ve ever known or loved. The second my wife and I walked into the room at the shelter, Minnie came right over to my wife with her tail going a mile a minute and cuddled right up next to her, and we both knew right away she was going home with us that day. Minnie loved all people, young and old, and would find a way to get involved in any kind of group hug between her family members.

Minnie loved being outside, in just about any kind of weather, laying in the front yard watching over the neighborhood and her land. Even on her last day, she spent time outside just enjoying the sunshine, “smiling” at us as we sat with her and loved on her. Our hearts are broken, but we know she no longer feels any pain and is running and enjoying time with her best dog friend, Riley, across that bridge. The old saying is very true: we didn’t save her, she saved us. We will miss her so much and we will never forget her and the unconditional love she brought to our home! Run free and wild Minnie! We love you so much!!

Michael S.

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