Puppies and Parvovirus – We need your help!

Three eight week old Golden Retriever pups who came to us this week were emergently hospitalized with Parvovirus infection, a viral GI misery that can kill young pups. Coral, Sandy and Surfer all had liquid stools and severe lethargy and could not eat. All have shown some improvement after 48 hours, but none is yet released. They all got the newest treatment for Parvovirus, a monoclonal (made in the lab) anti-Parvo antibody injection, a targeted virus-fighting weapon that works very quickly.

Other pups in the same litter are at risk, and this morning March 29th two more have arrived at the Metropolitan ER for evaluation of nausea and vomiting.

We need your help with the cost of care for these vulnerable babies! Parvo is a beast and anything you can do to help us fight it off will help greatly. Our cost estimate from Cincinnati alone is up to $9000.00. If you can, please help us save these puppies. Donations can be made through the website OR by mailing check to: GRRAND, c/o 422 Bromwell Drive, Louisville, KY 40245.

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