Sadie Mae

Sadie spent about six months of her life underfed, and abused by her owner’s boyfriend.  When she was outside (on the balcony of their apartment), neighbors shot fireworks at her.

Sadie was finally surrendered to GRRAND terrified, with fecal infused matted fur.  She had to decompress in the kennel for a while before allowing volunteers anywhere near her.

Once sent to a foster home, Sadie completely blossomed.  She was given the space to learn what a real home and real life is.  Sadie’s foster mom exposed her to lots of new situations and noises, and helped her overcome her fear of men.  Sadie was house trained, taught how to walk on a leash and ride in a car.  Sadie’s foster mom described her as gentle, affectionate, smart and confident.

Sadie was adopted, but sadly surrendered back to GRRAND after only three months.  Sadie was devastated and would have nothing to do with her new foster family, and forgot much of her training.  Sadie completely lost her fragile confidence.

Sadie has been with her foster family for 5 months now, and has bloomed once again.  She is loved, and she knows it!  She enjoys rides to the park, hikes in the woods, playing at the dog park, and tug of war.  She loves and protects her little 20-lb brothers, too.  Sadie’s new foster family has decided to adopt her.  She is now lovingly called Sadie Mae.

-Sandra and John Burke

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