15 Year Old Emma is Still Enjoying Life

Hi.  My name is Elisa Devera. My husband, Richard Labunski and I adopted our third GRRAND dog on January 10, 2009. Her name was Charlotte and we changed her name to Emma.  I have attached a photo of her wearing her birthday headband. We celebrated her FIFTEENTH birthday this week on May 10th!!!! She is the third GRRAND dog we have adopted and our only pup right now.  We’re making this donation in her honor and as a huge thank you to all of you at GRRAND who work so hard to help out so many dogs in need. 

Emma is reasonably healthy for her senior-senior age and enjoys her huge fenced-in backyard and walks at the park where she visits with so many of her human and dog friends. She is also a wonderful pet therapy dog and goes with me as we volunteer weekly at a hospice facility. She absolutely loves doing this and brings so much joy to those she meets.

Thank you for doing what you do and for our sweet precious Emma!

Elisa and Richard

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