Surrender FAQ’s


Why Surrender Your Golden to GRRAND?

There are several alternatives to re-home your Golden.  Some place their dogs with local shelters, ads in newspapers or placement with family or friends. None of these options compare to the comprehensive process that GRRAND deploys to place your dog into a loving and lasting home.

Shelters are generally overburdened with dogs and cats and typically have placement limitations as a result. They do their best, but sadly a good number of these animals are eventually euthanized.

Placement with a stranger can be very dangerous for your dog. “Free to good home” advertisements may attract persons who pose as caring adopters but intend to sell your dog for experimentation, breeding stock at puppy mills, or fighting.

Giving your dog to well-meaning friends or family members who are just trying to help may also result in a mismatch. Proper screening of potential adopters is an arduous, time consuming task that most folks have never experienced. GRRAND has over 20 years of experience finding the perfect home for each of the dogs in our program.


Will you take any dog into your rescue program?

We evaluate Goldens of all ages and treatable medical conditions including those who are blind, deaf, and those who have disabling conditions such as heartworm disease, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, broken bones, and tumors. Pregnant females and senior citizens will also be considered.  Exceptions include dogs with bite wounds of unknown origin and dogs with a history of aggression (biting, snapping, growling) or who are currently showing aggressive behaviors.

We are not limited to a specific geographic area, as long as transport can be secured and there is space available in our program.


Do I need proof of veterinary records for the dog?

If you are surrendering your dog we request that it be current on all immunizations, tested for heartworm and intestinal parasites, and spayed/neutered.  We ask for your veterinarian’s contact information in our surrender application to follow up on the dog’s health and vaccination history.


Is there a fee I must pay to surrender my dog?

We encourage you to make a tax-deductible donation to help defray some of the cost of caring for your dog until we find the perfect adoptive family. We understand that in some cases this is not possible, and we will NOT refuse a surrender due to a lack of financial support.


What is the process for surrendering my dog?

Fill out a surrender application (online or printable) and submit it to GRRAND.  The intake coordinator will review your application and contact you to gather additional information or clarify your responses. Please note that most of the time the intake coordinator will contact you via email.  Please check your “inbox” and “spam” folder on a regular basis.

Note:  Rescue groups, shelters, and veterinarians seeking GRRAND’s assistance for placement of a dog should contact or


What happens to my dog once GRRAND takes ownership?

Your dog will see GRRAND’s veterinarian for a complete medical check-up.  Shots and any other treatment will be scheduled or performed at that time.  After the vet visit, GRRAND will work to find a foster home for your dog.  Our goal is to give the dog time to acclimate to new surroundings, assess his/her temperament and begin training if necessary.  Once the dog is ready for adoption GRRAND will go to great lengths to screen potential adoption candidates and place your dog into a loving home.


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