Louisville Retail Puppy Mill Ordinance Passes

The Louisville Metro Council voted “yes” to approve the Louisville Retail Puppy Mill Ordinance banning retail sales of dogs and cats in our city. Pet stores will still be able to partner with rescue organizations like GRRAND to promote adoptions. The ban, that will take affect in one year, is another step forward in the pursuit to rid our nation of inhumane puppy and cat mills that carelessly churn out puppies and kittens for profit.

We are so grateful for the many people who supported this effort. If you wrote a letter, attended a meeting, sent an email, or called your council representative, you played a big role in this success. The council vigorously discussed the issue for well over an hour and one Councilman mentioned an overwhelming response from constituents to support the ordinance. Again, GRRAND supporters, along with various organizations who share the mission to improve the welfare of animals, let it be known that we will always advocate for our dogs and cats.

We also owe a big thanks to our President, Nina Scott and recent board member, Mychell Lawson. Both spoke eloquently before the Metro Council multiple times in favor of this important enactment.

GRRAND thanks each of you!

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