Scout Adopted!


Age:2 mos
Breed:Lab Mix
Intake date:2/17/2021
Post date:2/27/2021
    Scout came to GRRAND from a shelter with her sibling and she went straight to a foster home where she is doing really well. She is a total Velcro dog as she wants to be where her foster people are all the time! She lives with a couple of other dogs and she plays great with them and they are teaching her all about potty training too! (She is doing very well!)
    She behaves so well in the house, but she is not really thrilled with the crate so she is a bit whiny when she first goes in.
    We are still learning about this cutie but we do know Scout will need a home who has the time and patience to work with a puppy on all the puppy shenanigans that they like to get into! Exercise is so important for a puppy as a tired pup is a good pup and good training and direction will help her grow up to be a good girl.
    As we learn more, we will update on this sweet pup!