Surrender Application

If you require an evaluation of your dog for surrender, complete the online Request to Surrender application below.  The surrender application is not a contract for legal release, nor is it assurance that GRRAND will accept your dog into its rescue program. Our intake coordinator will use the general information on the application to determine the next steps in the process and will contact you.  To ensure that you understand our surrender process we ask that you review the Surrender FAQ’s prior to submitting your application.

NOTE: Most of the time the intake coordinator will contact you via email.  Please check your “inbox” and “spam” folder on a regular basis.

Complete your surrender application using the form below or complete the printable Surrender Application and submit it by postal mail.

Privacy Statement – It is GRRAND’s policy to maintain confidentiality over your information. We will not sell, rent or give your information to any other company or organization.

Your application cannot be processed without a full street address.
Basic information about your dog
Medical and physical history
Describe severity/frequency along with any prescribed medications and dosages
List any medications your dog is taking and include frequency and dosage
Specify the brand and flavor of the food your dog eats, along with your current feeding schedule
If your dog is on a special diet, please specify the condition and type of food
Identify the name of your dog’s veterinarian along with the complete address and phone number, including area code.
Living conditions
Children / other pets
Describe your dog's behavior and training
If you answered "Yes" to any of the above training/behavior issues, please describe the situation
Please provide any other information that would be helpful to know in order to place your dog in an appropriate adoptive home
GRRAND will require a picture of your dog. If you upload a photo size of 1 MB or less your application will process faster. If you upload a larger file, please be patient when you select the "submit" button below.
You may submit a second picture of your dog if you wish. It is not required.
I/we hereby affirm, acknowledge, warrant and represent that ALL information contained in this surrender application is true and correct to my/our best knowledge and belief.
reCAPTCHA is required.