GRRAND Announces a New Partnership with The Pet Station


GRRAND is embarking on a wonderful, mutually beneficial partnership venture with The Pet Station Country Club.  After months of planning, GRRAND has agreed to lease the GRRAND Central Station kennel property to The Pet Station Country Club.  In exchange, they will build a beautiful new facility and their staff will house and maintain the care of our rescue dogs.

To learn more about this incredible opportunity, we invite you to watch this video featuring GRRAND’s president, Nina Scott, and Rebecca Blackburn, Co-Owner of the Pet Station Country Club.  Stay tuned for more information as this venture continues to evolve!

Additional information is also available in written format:   New Partnership with The Pet Station








For many years, GRRAND dreamed of a facility to house incoming rescued dogs until they transition to a foster or adoptive home.  That dream has come true thanks to generosity of Ellen Leslie, owner of Vine Crest Kennels.  She graciously donated the former Vine Crest Kennels to our organization in late 2016. For many years, GRRAND spent a substantial sum renting kennel space from the Kentucky Humane Society for incoming dogs without assigned foster homes. Ellen’s donation allowed us to create a permanent space to house incoming dogs and serve as GRRAND’s headquarters.

GRRAND volunteers spent months clearing the property of trees and debris that needed to be removed, cleaning up the larger kennel building, and formulating a scope of work for the project.  “We quickly realized that the kennel would require a top-to-bottom makeover to provide our GRRAND dogs with a comfortable and safe space while awaiting their new family,” said board member Sharon Gretsinger. With the help of GRRAND volunteer and Kennel Coordinator Robert Carr, a plan for renovation was finalized and our GRRAND Central Station Kennel opened in 2017.

We’ve identified several goals for the facility, some of which have been realized.  Other goals are scheduled for our future in a phased approach.  Our plan is to:

  • Reduce the cost of renting kennel spaces for incoming rescues
  • Provide a calming transition for incoming rescued dogs
  • Provide an opportunity to host educational seminars
  • Offer training classes for our adoptive families and their rescued dogs
  • Provide a site for local vets to donate vet care to our rescues
  • Generate income for GRRAND by offering doggie day care and a boarding facility for the public

We are always looking for volunteers to work at GRRAND Central Station Kennel!

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Donations for kennel maintenance and supplies are welcome too!

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