Jamie Adopted!


Age:4 mos
Breed:Golden-Husky mix
Intake date:2/17/2021
Post date:2/27/2021
    Check out this cutie!
    Jamie is an approximately 25lb (but growing quickly!), 14 week old pup looking for his forever home! We’re just starting to learn all about him, but here’s what his foster family has to say so far:
    ‘We are working on both crate training and house training. He sleeps well in his crate at night, and slept about 8 hours last night no problems. House training is going well, we take him outside very often and he knows to ‘go potty’ when we ask him outside. I suspect he could / will be fully house trained very quickly. He also knows how to sit, and usually comes when you call his name.
    He does great with our dog, Acorn. They play outside for hours. He seems friendly to the neighbor dog through the fence as well.
    He did play with the neighbors kids and they seem to love him… he still needs to learn not to jump, but we are working on the OFF command.
    As for the cat situation, my cat Lulu saw him and he was very calm and just wanted to sniff her, but she wasn’t having any part of him and has sequestered herself upstairs! He will make someone a great dog!! He gets along with every dog he meets and people. He’s just a puppy and needs lots of playtime and/or another dog to wear him out.’
    Jamie’s family will need to be committed to the training that comes with a puppy and the time and patience they need during their training.

    We promised Jamie we would find him the best home ever – is that with you?