GRRAND Volunteer Opportunities


Telephone Assistance
Description: Make and receive telephone calls for various GRRAND activities:

  1. Check GRRAND’s hotline voice mailbox at regular intervals during a specific day of the week (between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.) and coordinate any intake, transportation, or other actions with other committee members.
  2. Assist in various telephone campaigns for volunteer recruitment, fundraising activities, etc.

Skills or Equipment Needed: Good verbal communication skills, enthusiastic personality, and home or cell phone service.

Time Requirements: Will vary based on the number of phone calls and assignment . Hotline duty will require that you check the voicemail hourly for one scheduled day a week from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. . Working on telephone campaigns will be sporadic in nature.

Description: Transport dogs from shelters to kennels, from foster homes to the vet and from the kennels to the vet.

Skills or Equipment Needed: Requires a secure vehicle with a crate or dog barrier in which to transport dogs. A flexible schedule is important and the willingness to travel is also important.  Volunteer should have good dog management skills and be able to handle unfamiliar dogs.  Must be able to provide good communication to the Intake Volunteer.

Time Requirements: Transport is on an “on call” basis.  You will be contacted when there is a need and you have the option to accept or decline the assignment.

Applicant Screening

Description:  Make phone calls to process GRRAND applications for adopting or fostering dogs.  This process requires verifying vet care and important information on the application. Volunteers will also make phone calls to the personal references noted on the application. This activity must be completed as quickly as possible after receiving the application.

Skills or Equipment Needed:  Attention to detail, access to email and good written skills are needed for this activity.  A gregarious personality and ability to converse easily by phone with people you don’t know is very helpful. The GRRAND application screening coordinator will provide training by email and phone.

Time Requirements:  Average time to complete screening an application is between ½ to 1 hour. We will work with your schedule availability!  You will be contacted when an application needs to be processed and you have the option to accept or decline the assignment.

Home Visits
Description:  Conduct on-site home visits for prospective adoptive families.  This will require that you provide the family with information about GRRAND, its mission and its policies for adoption.  You will also ask questions, make observations and fill out a Home Visit Checklist.

Skills or Equipment Needed:  Good communication, observation, and documentation skills are needed for this activity.  A gregarious personality and ability to converse easily with people you don’t know is very helpful.  Transportation is also required in order to conduct the home visit at the perspective adoptive family’s home.  Following training each volunteer will shadow an experienced GRRAND representative for a short time.

 Home Visits:  This is a periodic need several times a month.  The home visits take approximately one hour to conduct.  The adoption coordinator will attempt to assign visits in your local area, but some visits may require more lengthy travel.  Volunteers may accept an assignment or ask that someone else be called.

Description:  Provide a foster home for a Golden Retrievers waiting to be adopted.  This requires general care of the Golden, working to assess his/her behavior, providing basic training skills for good dog behavior, and being available to show the dog to prospective adopters.

Skills or Equipment Needed:  Knowledge of Goldens and their behavioral needs, securely fenced yard, ability to communicate effectively with GRRAND representatives and prospective adopters, and ability to assess the suitability of a family to adopt the foster dog.  Knowledge of GRRAND’s policies and procedures is required and the foster family must be vigilant about the safety of the dog.

Time Requirements:  Foster families are needed on a daily basis as new dogs are rescued by GRRAND; however, it is up to each volunteer foster family to determine how often they want to open their home to a new dog.  Dogs stay in foster care from a few days to months.

To get started with the foster application, click here!

Vet Care Assistance
Description:  Assist GRRAND’s Vet Care Coordinator in the management of medications dispersed to foster families and kennel managers for dogs awaiting adoption in the program.

Skills or Equipment Needed:  Good organizational skills and commitment to getting medicine to dogs in a timely manner.  A general understanding of the medications dispersed and medical needs of dogs is helpful; however, this is easily learned.

Time Requirements:  Will require approximately 4 hours a week.

Public Events
Description:  Represent GRRAND at public events to market GRRAND’s mission, dogs, and volunteer recruitment.  Many of these are “meet and greet” events at various pet stores and organizations to provide the public with information about GRRAND.

Skills and Equipment Needed:  Outgoing personality, reliable, knowledge of GRRAND’s policies and procedures, good communication skills, and a good understanding of Golden Retrievers.  Transportation will be required to visit “Meet and Greet” locations.

Time Requirements:  May participate in 2-4 events per month.  Each event requires set-up, several hours working the event, and packing up information materials.  Preparation of materials for handout at the event may also be required.

Marketing and Publicity
Description:  Assist GRRAND in organizing and planning marketing and publicity initiatives.

Skills and Equipment Needed:  Professional experience in marketing, public relations, or graphic design.  Creativity and organizational skills are also important.

Time Requirements:  Will vary based on the need.

Description:  Participate in GRRAND fundraising initiatives, activities and events.  Research and writing grant proposals.

Skills and Equipment Needed:  Experience in fundraising or grant writing helpful, good people skills, excellent communication skills, self-motivation, ability to work well with others, creative, enthusiastic and goal oriented.

Time Requirements:  Ongoing need requiring attention on a regular basis.  Grant writing is flexible, depending on foundation deadlines.

The GRRAND Affair Silent Auction
Description:  Participate in any of the auction needs:

  1. collection of auction items
  2. preparation of displays
  3. auction activities (including set-up and take-down)

Skills and Equipment Needed:  Willingness to help with collection of items, skill in creating decorative baskets, ability to transport items, people skills, and enthusiasm.

Time Requirements:  Preparations begin in July for the November event.  Vigorous activity begins in September.  We will accept as much time as you can offer.

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