Critical Care/End of Life Dogs

Critical care dogs are rescued Goldens that require specialized, emergency medical care, or are identified as unadoptable due to a terminal illness, incapacitation, or aggressive behavior discovered after the dog has been rescued.  For the latter, GRRAND cares for these dogs with the help of experienced foster families who provide needed medication, comfort, and love until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. As you can imagine, care for these dogs, including vet care and medications, can be quite costly.

We’ve established a fund for our critical care dogs and wish to highlight their stories on this page. As you read through these difficult stories, please consider donating to the Critical Care/End of Life fund. With your help and the dedication of our experienced foster families, we hope to create a compassionate atmosphere for each dog that would otherwise experience a sad ending.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how your donations to this fund helped a special dog named “Peanut.”  




Buster is a super sweet 11-year-old Golden mix who came to GRRAND from a shelter where he was surrendered by his former owner, along with 3 other dogs earlier this year.

Unfortunately, Buster was recently diagnosed with bone cancer in his mouth. He had 2 inches removed from his left mandible. Surgery went very well and he did great. The results of the Pathology report will be ready in a couple weeks to determine if margins are good and if he will need chemotherapy . He currently has an orthodontic appliance to maintain the alignment of his mouth. He is on pain medication and is being hand feed soft food until he adjusts to missing most of his lower jaw.

Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause.


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Fresh Prince is a 3-month old Doodle that came to GRRAND with a broken leg and is under our care now.  After his initial vet visit, he was referred to a specialty vet clinic for treatment.  Recommendations are for surgery with a cost estimate of $4,000-5,000 including his hospitalization after the surgery.   

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Seth was likely discarded and without a family, when he came to GRRAND as a stray. We believe he is approximately 10 years of age and has some serious health issues, including a kidney problem.   Seth has just been placed in a foster home so he can experience love and a sense of belonging in his last days.    We do not know how long he will live but we do know we want him to have quality time  filled with love, security, and a quiet place to call home.  

UPDATE ON SETH (4/5/21)  Seth is doing wonderful! His foster mom said she has not seen him have a bad day yet. It’s still difficult to get him to eat. He will eat 2/3 of a raw patty per day, but she has to supplement that since it’s not a complete diet. He has a vet visit scheduled for the 8th and we are hoping to talk to them about his diet and see what they think based on his blood test results. 

Due to Seth’s medical needs, he is on a special diet to help him with his kidney issues.  The cost is $200 a month.  Can you help us make Seth’s last days the best ever for him? 

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You may remember the beautiful chocolate lab Nellie, now named Millie, who came to GRRAND in October in heat and heartworm positive. As it turns out, she also came to us a few days pregnant! Now, we are so excited to welcome her adorable black and white litter just in time for Christmas. 

Millie had a hard labor, and we were extra concerned about any distress with her being heartworm positive. Her water broke early on a Saturday morning, and she didn’t give birth to her first puppy until late that night. This puppy had been stuck in the birth canal, so after she appeared (after many exams and even a FaceTime session with a vet tech!), 3 more puppies quickly followed. Millie’s labor continued throughout the night and next morning, with the length of time between puppies increasing. Poor Millie was definitely exhausted but was nursing and cleaning the puppies as much as possible. 

With Millie having such a hard time and the puppies taking so long to come out, by Sunday afternoon, the whole family was loaded up for a trip to the emergency vet. Her X-ray determined she would have 11 puppies total and she was only halfway through. She surprised the crew helping her by delivering one of the puppies during her exam, but she surprised the GRRAND volunteers caring for her even more by delivering a puppy in the back of their car! 

With the help of a dose of oxytocin, Millie had her final, 11th puppy at the emergency vet Sunday night, almost 36 hours after her water broke. By this time, Millie was experiencing some medical difficulties, and the puppies needed extra care. GRRAND is incredibly fortunate that a team of experienced vet techs quickly volunteered to help bottle feed, and a nursing momma has even taken on some of the puppies as her own! 

The puppies are receiving round-the-clock care to help them grow and stay healthy and be ready for adoption when they are old enough. We are so thankful to the amazing team of volunteers helping them! 

Because Millie was not able to continue caring for the puppies, she was able to be reunited with her adoptive family where she can be spoiled to no end while she prepares to start her heartworm treatment. Thank you to Millie’s temporary foster who stepped up at a moment’s notice to help Millie through her difficult labor. 

We are sad to say that two of the puppies of the litter were stillborn, and birth defects have taken two more from us. These babies will always be part of the GRRAND family, and we are so sad to lose them. 

As you can imagine, expenses add up quickly with puppy needs (formula is expensive!), and this little family has unfortunately needed more than a few trips to the emergency vet.

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Dancer is a beautiful 1-year old blond golden who was surrendered to GRRAND by owners in Indiana who were unable to manage the expense of her medical needs.  They had only acquired Dancer 5 months earlier from another owner and while with them she became very sick.  They spent $1,500 on her with 2 different vet clinics who were unable to diagnose her illness. 

Dancer has severely swollen joints, nose bleeding, sores, and ruptures to her skin.  She also had to have an eye removed because it also became infected.  When GRRAND acquired this sweet girl, we took her immediately to the emergency vet where she was quickly diagnosed with Blastomycosis, a severe fungal disease that is systemic and oftentimes fatal.  The fungus is acquired from wet or moist soil, often around ponds.  Dancer’s former owners said that she loved to dig in the pond on their property! 

Dancer is now on expensive medications to treat the fungus and we hope that her therapy has come soon enough to save her life, and her other eye.  This girl is in a lot of pain, but continues to be nothing but total sweetness.  She is in a wonderful foster home with a foster mom who is monitoring her progress around the clock.  We are so grateful that at this time, Dancer continues to eat and drink and doesn’t seem to require hospitalization.  We are looking for donations to cover the cost of Dancer’s treatment which will extend for many months, perhaps as long as a year or so.

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This is Maisey.  She is a Pyr/Hound Mix.  This lady is so sweet and acts like an old soul. She walks right by your side, seems to know some commands, and just wants to please and be loved.  Unfortunately, Maisey as been dealing with some chronic diarrhea issues since Labor Day weekend.  It was intermittent and responsive to medicine and a bland diet, until recently.   Maisey has remained stable, blood work and a “quick look” ultrasound from the ER doctor didn’t show anything. 

We had an internal medicine specialist perform an ultrasound this week and they have discovered a partial blockage in the intestine.  The recommendation is to remove the affected portion of intestine to determine the cause of the blockage and decide next steps.  Maisey is heartworm positive and in a weakened condition.  She will need to be hospitalized for at least 48 hours.  Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to Maisey.  

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Violet in veterinary ICU


July 16, Update (first day in foster care):  “I thought Violet might like some outside time today.  She and I just walked the front yard, wherever she wanted to go, and around the butterfly garden (after eating her 2nd of 3 meals for the day).  She is much more steady on her feet today.  (Perhaps she became weaker in the kennel–don’t know).  She handled the 3  front steps well (down and up)—better than yesterday.  Her head still shakes, and she is tired, but she’s stronger today.  Overall, a good day for her.” 

July 14 Update:  Sweet little Violet is in a special foster home now.  She had a big day yesterday with the transition.  She did not want to eat any of the Royal Canin Intestinal food that Blue Pearl gave us (after several tries).  So, we boiled some chicken breast (no skin or bone) and white rice.  She loved that!  We did not go overboard (just wanted her to eat something!).  The moderate amount we gave her 

Violet in her foster home

seemed to be satisfying. 

We cleaned her up a little to make sure she does not try to do her own clean up on the staples and incision.  Violet definitely has the heart of a Golden, and has been wagging her tail quite a lot.  She is receiving so much attention now and it’s easy to tell she is grateful!   
Pretty sure Violet will sleep well tonight!

July 9 Update on Violet: 
Violet is off  all IV meds.  She still has her NG tube, but is eating small meals on her own.  She is on all oral meds.  One of her drains has been removed.  The DVM of rehabilitation is working on a PT plan for her.  She still isn’t wanting to stand on her own.  She does have tension tremors, but they are very excited about her progress.  The 3-5 day window after this type of surgery is the most critical (biggest chance of perforation), but her surgeons are referring to her as the Miracle dog.

Violet:  We have taken 4-year old golden, Violet in to our rescue program.  She had a perforated intestine.  She was taken to a veterinary specialist but her owners could not pay for the incredibly expensive surgery to remove a large portion of her intestines, so GRRAND stepped in to help.  On July 7th, Violet took a drastic turn for the worse and required a plasma transfusion.  She has begun to improve but will need extensive vet care and those costs will be huge as she hopefully continues to improve in the ICU.  Violet is currently on a feeding tube and has drains in her abdomen.  She was given a 50/50 chance of survival but so far she is improving a bit. 

Can you help this sweet dog with such a beautiful name?  The color violet represents the future, imagination, and dreams.  Let’s give this girl a future and make her dreams come true!



UPDATE on Theo (Jan 2021)

Theo is a huge flight risk and really unsocialized.  For this reason, he needs a home with no kids under 14, a very secure above ground fence, dog-savvy adults who have the time and experience to work with him, another stable, friendly dog in the home, and folks who would be willing to work with him over time.  He is not socialized and won’t go anywhere near people.  He really needs someone who is experienced in working with what basically is a feral dog (he’s been raised in a crate in a barn his entire life).  Our vet coordinator had him and he escaped from her twice and the last time was gone for 3 days and found cowering under someone’s deck about 4 miles away!  At this point Theo can only be placed with a person that has pretty extensive experience with dog behavior and training.

Theo came to GRRAND from a hoarding situation with 80 other dogs.  He was found in a crate, in absolutely DEPLORABLE conditions.  He is extremely fearful and is a pretty sick guy too.  He was just diagnosed with cardiomyopathy which is a heart disease. He is in the hospital as tests are being run and we are doing what we can to help Theo pull through this! He has never been loved and he’s never had a home other than a crate.  We want to change that.

Theo’s vet bills are adding up quickly and we ask for your support.  Once he begins to heal medically we can concentrate on healing his spirit by providing love and hopefully the perfect home!




Waffles is a beautiful 5-month old golden puppy that GRRAND acquired from a breeder.  She was born with a congenital defect and could not be sold to a new family by her breeder.  GRRAND accepted Waffles, knowing that she would require an expensive surgical procedure to correct this defect.  Waffles was born with her urethra attached to her bladder in the wrong position, so she is leaking urine and is unable to control the urine leakage. 

The surgery will be conducted at GRRAND’s expense by specialists at Ohio State University Vet School within the next couple of months.  We are hopeful that the surgery will correct her urine leakage, but it is not totally guaranteed.  Waffles may also never be able to be spayed because of the risk of weakening of her sphincter muscle.  Wearing diapers on an ongoing basis is not an option because this will likely cause bladder or staph infections. 

Waffles will be looking for a family who is willing to work with her through her medical challenges.   Her many challenges will require a unique family.  Visit the Meet Our Dogs page for a list of requirements.

Just to add a little about her personality: Waffles is a super sweet, goofy little puppy. Yesterday, she was eating the rain as it fell from the sky. She loves people and loves to play with other dogs. She also gets along fine with cats. She has recently discovered swimming, and although she has not mastered it yet, she of course loves that, too.

Will you help this sweet little pup appropriately named “Waffles?”  Please donate to our Critical Care fund.







Look at Charlie’s incredible transition!  Charlie came to GRRAND with a broken femur, cut tongue and bruised ribs and lungs.  He also tested positive for Lyme disease and was infested with ticks.  As a critical care dog, he was highlighted on our website and many of you, through donations, played a vital role in ensuring that he got the medical treatment he needed.

Charlie, sporting a new name (Peanut) has been adopted.  Instead of fighting for his life, he is now focused on toys, joys and ploys!  Just look and the “after” pictures of Peanut.  He is livin’ the life and loving every minute of it!  Peanut is thankful for your donations and prayers and so is GRRAND.