Cody Settles Right In!!!

Cody (formerly Butterball) is getting comfortable quickly in his new home.  Because of previous living conditions, Cody came to us with a lot of anxiety from GRRAND about him and how he would adapt to a new home.  Well, Cody has adapted faster and better than anyone could have expected.  First of all, he learned his new name, Cody, in 3 days.  He learned how to go out to the yard and come back into the house via the doggie door in less than 2 days.  He got used to his own bed and “blankie” in 2 days…sleeps through the night and has had zero bathroom issues in the house.  In about a week he went from very shy to hugs and kisses for both Di and myself.   He has accepted and has been accepted by our other yellow lab, Max.  They love to engage in a tug-o-war or wrestle on the floor or just lay in place and chew on their treats.  If Max does not want to play, he lets Cody know and Cody does not press this issue, he lays down and waits for the next play session.   Diana and I could not be happier with this big lover.  He knows he is not going anywhere, that he is safe, that he is loved, that he is home.

Thanks to Jane for her introducing us to Cody.

Sonny and Diana Onorato