Bread Needs A Home

Age:4 mos
Breed:Great Pyr Mix
Intake date:3/18/2021
Post date:3/24/2021
What a handsome boy this guy is!
    Bread and his sibling Butter came to GRRAND from a shelter and Butter found his forever family and now it’s his brother’s turn! Bread is a super sweet and fun-loving pup! He clearly has the pup personality and the pup friendliness and he loves people, other dogs and he enjoys playing, (just like most puppies do) so he will keep you on your toes!
    As he is a Great Pyr mix, Bread could grow up to be a little on the larger side but we don’t know for sure. He will need a home that can give him the exercise and direction he needs to grow up to be a good boy! A tired pup is a good pup and a well behaved pup is lots of fun to be around! 
    We are still learning about this handsome boy, so please check back later for more info!