Asian Meat Trade Dog Rescue

China dog rescue is on hold until further notice.


Spring 2020 China Golden Rescues

GRRAND is in the process of rescuing 5 more dogs from the meat trade market in China. As a rescue organization with an unwavering mission to save dogs, we feel privileged to participate in the liberation of these Goldens, but our hearts are heavy for the thousands of other dogs left behind to be slaughtered. Forgive the brutal terms; there is no way to sugarcoat the reality of this cruel practice of abusive slaughter of innocent dogs for human consumption.

The 5 fortunate dogs destined for GRRAND rescue will hopefully arrive in the spring of 2020. As of this writing, we are unclear on the impact of the Coronavirus and cannot pinpoint a specific date of arrival. When we receive confirmation of a safe arrival date for these dogs, we will let you know.

As we await the construction of the Pet Station on our property, we will not have kennel capacity for them. That means we must have 5 approved adoptive homes ready to adopt all of them when they arrive “home.” If you have a heart for rescued Goldens, if you have a home waiting for a dog that’s surely going to be grateful for rescue, if you are meant to be a hero to a dog in need, will you fill out an adoption application?

Read the testimonials below from folks who adopted 4 Asian dogs this past fall.  See for yourself how despair became “Hope.”

While we don’t have massive financial resources to assist with this effort, we do have the ability to rescue a small number of dogs pulled from these horrendous conditions. The cost to rescue these precious dogs from sure death, bring them to GRRAND, and take care of veterinary needs is around $1500 per dog. Will you donate to this humane effort? How incredible it will be to save these Goldens and find homes that allow them to experience love and compassion from a real family!

Testimonials and Pictures From Fall 2019 Adoptions



JAMESON – My husband and I adopted one of the China dogs, JK (now Jameson) from GRRAND on the first of this year.  He is just under two years old and is a delight!  He has lots of personality and loves taking walks, playing with his new toys, riding in the car (or jumping in the trunk as we’re unloading our groceries to wait for us to take him somewhere)!  He already knows he’s part of our family.  He plays well with any person or dog that is willing to give him attention.  He is definitely high energy but is learning very quickly to adapt to his new surroundings.  We feel so blessed to have him in our home.
-The Bowles Family-



HOPE – I just wanted to write you a letter on how thrilled we are with Hope. She has done an amazing job of adjusting since she arrived in our home back in June. It is amazing to see how she has slowly become trusting and loving of us and her brother nugget.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves her.  She is so cute how she lays down and is so submissive when we are approached on the street by other pets. It’s like she is seeing a new breed that she has never witnessed.  We feel so blessed to have her and so thankful that she was able to be saved from the awful condition in Korea.  Thanks again to our friends at GRRAND.. What a great organization!! Please tell anyone interested in hearing more about our experience to reach out to us.
-The Bowling Family-



BLEEKER – We adopted Bleeker, who came from China, from GRRAND in November and could not be happier. He’s just 1.5 years old and is full of joy, incredibly well-behaved and loves being part of our family and we love even more having him. It’s as if he was meant to be part of us all along. He gets along great with our Golden Doodle, our kids and others and we have had zero issues. Hands down one of the best decisions we ever made!
-The Murphy Family-



WELLER – When John and I adopted Weller (previously Mr. X), we had only seen one picture and knew nothing about him, other than that he was one of the few lucky dogs GRRAND rescued from the China slaughterhouses and he needed our help. Jane called to ask if we were interested, and we said “ABSOLUTELY” and never looked back.

We picked up a very anxious, scared, fragile puppy the next morning. We didn’t hear one peep the entire ride home. He simply laid on the ground, and followed us with his eyes, afraid to move. We knew right then and there that he was ours forever, no matter how hard we had to work at it, no matter what lengths we had to reach to… He was home, warm, and safe and that’s what mattered.

A few days passed, and our confidence began to reach him too. The tail wagged more, the barks got louder, and he kept getting closer.. And closer. Soon enough, he was in our laps, in our bed, at our feet, on top of our other dog 24/7. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve had him for 2 months now, and his days consist of long walks to Locust Grove, choosing which toy he wants to play with that day, wrestling with his best bud Arnie, getting treats (lots of them), and being cuddled until his heart is content. Every day, we look at him and wonder how an animal who endured so much pain can be the sweetest, most gentle boy and love us the way he does. We are the lucky ones.

Rescuing any dog, especially one from such harsh conditions as the meat trade, can be scary and unpredictable. It can take hard work, a lot of trust building, and a WHOLE lot of patience. But watching him calmly go to sleep at night knowing he will wake up warm, fed, and loved beyond measure is worth a hundred times more. I’d recommend this journey to any animal lover who has some extra love to give.  We will give Weller the best of everything as long as the big man upstairs lets us, and if it were up to Weller, he’d give us so much MORE. We rescued him, but if only he knew how he’s saved us.

-The DeWeese Family-




Fall 2019 Update

GRRAND has been blessed with many incredible supporters in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere in the United States.  We’ve worked hard over the years to help many dogs find new loving homes and we are proud of those efforts.  In recent years we’ve expanded our scope to include some rescues from Istanbul, Turkey.  Thousands of dogs are turned out into the streets and forests of Istanbul.  They have no resources or protection, and many don’t survive.  See our Turkey Golden Rescue Page for more information.

We are now expanding that international effort to Asia to rescue dogs who are living and dying in the horrible conditions of “dog meat trading.” Our first three dogs from China have arrived!  Meet China boys JK, Mr. X, and Charles:


The cost to rescue these precious dogs from sure death, bring them to GRRAND, and take care of any veterinary needs is around $1500 per dog.  Will you help GRRAND by donating to this humane effort?

Yes, I want to donate!


More about the Asian Meat Trade:

BE WARNED, THE PICTURES AND INFORMATION PROVIDED BELOW ARE GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING.  If you wish to donate and help GRRAND with this rescue mission but do not wish to see the graphic information below, please click here.

View WDRB interview with Jane Sonntag, GRRAND Adoption Coordinator, about Hope’s journey to GRRAND.


More information on the meat trade industry…
Asian Dog Meat Trade Facts 

We are appealing to all GRRAND supporters to help rescue dogs living in Asian countries enduring the horrible practice of selling and consuming dog meat.  The dog meat trade is one of the most serious animal welfare issues in Asia.  Dog meat has long been consumed as a traditional healing food in South Korea and other countries.  Dogs are confined to crowded cages without adequate food or water until they are brutally killed—beaten, hung or electrocuted in front of other dogs—and sold for their meat. While dog farms in South Korea raise millions of these animals, many of the dogs who end up as food in other parts of Asia are stolen pets.

The conditions under which dogs are farmed, transported, and slaughtered are inhumane and barbaric. The dogs are not humanely killed, many are tortured for hours before being skinned alive. The reason for this is that people believe that the pain inflicted leads to the tenderizing of the meat. Most shocking of all, is that some dogs are still alive when their fur is removed.

In China, dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, many of them family pets still wearing their collars, are snatched from the streets and forced into tiny cages. Many suffer broken limbs as they are transported vast distances, without food or water.  When they finally arrive at the dog meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted, they are forced to watch in terror as other dogs are bludgeoned to death or thrown still alive into boiling water to remove their skins.

The Humane Society International, along with other animal welfare organizations are working to eliminate this practice in these countries.  They recently convinced South Korean authorities to close a “notorious” market, infamous for selling chilled dog meat as well as “live dogs killed to order.”

GRRAND has decided this practice is so disturbing that we cannot stand by and do nothing.  While we don’t have massive financial resources to assist, we do have the ability to rescue dogs pulled from these horrendous conditions.  Will you join us in the effort to bring some of these dogs to GRRAND?  No doubt the cost to bring them to the United States, the medical requirements and emotional conditioning will be expensive, but we know you stand behind us.  How incredible it will be to find homes that allow these previously condemned dogs to experience love and compassion for the first time in their lives!

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