You Tell Me! Is Harper a Happy Dog in His New Home???

Harper is such a great dog and I am so fortunate to have her.  She loves the tennis ball, socks, frequent hikes (and of course daily walks), and she can’t get enough of Michigan at my parent’s house, swimming in the lake or cruising around on the boat.   I really can’t even comprehend my life without her.  She gives me so much joy and I just hope that she feels the same about me!


Here are some of my favorite pictures of her over the years.  Unfortunately, she is a few years older than I had expected with the dates given–however she is still very spry.  I did have surgery done on her eyes as her eyelids were inverse and rubbing against her eyeballs!  Had that done a year or two after I got her, and it vastly improved the irritation she had from them.

I hope you know how much I appreciate your efforts in the adoption process with Harper.  She is such a great dog!  My parents are now looking to adopt a Golden from GRRAND.  I hope they get as lucky as I did.  – Walt Haglage –