Waffles Adopted!


Age:5 mos
Intake date:5/18/2020
Post date:5/19/2020
    Waffles is an adorably goofy 5 month old puppy who was surrendered to us after being born with a congenital defect. She was born with her urethra attached to her bladder in the wrong position, so she leaks urine and is unable to control the leakage. This is not a potty-training issue: Waffles is potty-trained and goes potty outside, but she still has urine that drips throughout the day.

    GRRAND accepted Waffles, knowing that she will be needing a very expensive surgical procedure in order to correct this defect. The surgery will be conducted at GRRAND’s expense by specialists at Ohio State University Vet School when Waffles is mature enough to have this procedure done (conceivably, within the next couple of months). We are hopeful that the surgery will correct her urine leakage, but this is not a complete guarantee.

    It’s possible Waffles may also never be able to be spayed because this could risk the weakening of her sphincter muscle and could result in urine leakage again. Wearing diapers on an ongoing basis is also not an option for Waffles because this will likely cause bladder or staph infections over time.
    Waffles is looking for a family who is willing to work with her through her medical challenges. Within the next couple of months, Waffles will have an appointment with specialists at Ohio State Vet School and will then return at a later date for her surgery. Her family will need to commit to taking her to these appointments. Waffles will also need a family willing to work with her in the home, despite her dripping urine. Hardwood or tile floors, as opposed to carpet, would be ideal, as would a family with someone home much of the day to assure that she gets out to empty her bladder frequently. Waffles’ foster family has plenty of tips that they would be happy to share! Waffles’ family may also need to be willing to work with her heat cycles every nine months for life, if the vet specialists recommend that she never be spayed.

    Waffles is a super sweet, playful, and energetic puppy who loves other dogs and people. She also does fine with cats. She has recently discovered swimming, and although not a master by any means, she absolutely loves the water! This happy girl is just looking for a special family willing to commit to her, despite her medical needs.

    If you are interested in meeting Waffles, please complete an adoption application. She is looking for a home in our current service area of Greater Louisville, Greater Lexington, or Greater Cincinnati. http://grrand.org/adoption-process/

    GRRAND will be covering the cost of this surgery for Waffles and her sister French Toast, who was also surrendered to us with the same congenital defect and has found her forever family. The cost is upwards of $3,000 per dog. If you are able to donate, every amount helps! http://grrand.org/grrand-critical-care-donation/