Violet Adopted!


Age:4 years
Intake date:7/08/2020
Post date:7/09/2020
    We have taken 4-year old golden, Violet in to our rescue program. She had a perforated intestine and was taken to a veterinary specialist but her owners could not pay for the incredibly expensive surgery to remove a large portion of her intestines, so GRRAND stepped in to help. On July 7th, Violet took a drastic turn for the worse and required a plasma transfusion. She has begun to improve but will need extensive vet care and those costs will be huge as she hopefully continues to improve in the ICU. Violet is currently on a feeding tube and has drains in her abdomen. She was given a 50/50 chance of survival but so far she is improving a bit.

    Can you help this sweet dog with such a beautiful name? The color violet represents the future, imagination, and dreams. Let’s give this girl a future and make her dreams come true!

    HERE IS THE LATEST Violet Update!

    We are so excited to say that Violet has been released from the emergency vet and is now in the hands of an experienced foster.

    Violet is starting to eat a little in her foster home and is loving the chicken and white rice option over the choice of dog food. She’s starting to gain some strength back, so we are optimistic about her recovery!

    From Violet’s foster mom:

    ‘We cleaned her up a little, and ensure she doesn’t bother her staples or incision.
    She definitely has the heart of a Golden, and has been wagging a lot, due to all of
    the attention.

    I thought Violet might like some outside time today. She and I just walked the front yard, wherever she wanted to go, and around the butterfly garden (after eating her 2nd of 3 meals for the day).

    She is much more steady on her feet today…She handled the 3 front steps well (down and up)—better than yesterday.
    Her head still shakes, and she is tired, but she’s stronger today…Overall, a good day for her.’

    Thank you to all who have donated to Violet’s care and sent her good, healing thoughts. It’s working!

    If you would like to contribute to Violet’s medical bills, you can do so here:

    Violet is not ready to be adopted, as she is still in recovery mode. If you are interested in adopting her when she is ready, you can complete an adoption application now. As we’re sure you can imagine, she has already gotten a lot of interest!