Very Special GRRAND Dog, Cooper, Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Cooper Morton McClelland Mohre

We lost our Cooper almost a year ago.  I thought it would get easier with time, but my heart is still broken, and I feel like a huge part of me is missing.

I lived in a condo downtown, worked sixty hours a week and traveled all the time. I didn’t have a yard, was never home and hadn’t even cared for a fish.  But I knew something was missing – a companion to spend time outside with, something to get me away from work, a reason to be a fuller person.

A friend suggested adopting a dog with GRRAND. Shannon Baker visited my home, introduced me to her golden boys and told me all about rescuing with GRRAND. Two weeks later I walked into Sara Fick’s house in Lexington and met her 10th GRRAND foster, Cooper. I sat on her living room floor, and he came right over and laid his head in my lap. I knew right then I’d found what was missing and took Cooper home that night –I didn’t even have a bed for him, so he slept on a kelly green cotton quilt from my guest room.

Cooper absolutely loved living downtown. I took him everywhere I could – bars, trails, roof decks, the firehouse, my office, shops and even Morton’s Steakhouse – people said it looked like he was always smiling thanks to all the affection and attention in the city. He made me want to leave work earlier, he motivated me to spend time outside, he was immediately my most loyal companion and I knew we made each other happy. Cooper loved kids, following me everywhere, road-trips, eating paper and attending parties.

Four years after rescuing Cooper, I met my husband and we moved to Cape Cod. Cooper gained a dad, a big yard, an ocean view and a cat-brother. He sailed, swam in the ocean, rode with his new dad in his work truck and ate sandy crabs. He learned to share my attention when we had his new human baby brother, Mac. Watching Mac and Cooper play together for a year brought me the most joy.

Then, right after Mac’s first birthday, Cooper became sick and I had to make the toughest choices.  I am grateful for tremendous support from my GRRAND friends and our vets from Cincinnati and Cape Cod who helped me know it was time.  Cooper was my something missing, helped me become a fuller person and prepared me to be a caring wife and mother.  Next to the blue ocean on a sunny day, I was able to hold Cooper in my lap wrapped in the green quilt he slept with since the night I brought him home.

We love and miss you, Cooper Morton McClelland Mohre