Trudy Adopted!


Age:2 mos
Breed:Lab Mix
Intake date:2/17/2021
Post date:2/28/2021
    Trudy is an 8 week old Lab mix who came to GRRAND from a shelter along with her 7 other siblings. Trudy is now in a foster home, and she is looking forward to her forever family!
    This cutie will need a home where someone is home most of the time to help her get through potty training, as a little pup can only be left alone for short periods until she is about 5-6 months old.
    Puppies need LOTS of patience as they love to get into things, and chew things, and just be puppies! They are full of puppy energy, so her family will need to be committed to giving her lots of exercise and good socialization. Tired puppies are good puppies, and well-behaved puppies are fun to be around, so Trudy’s family will need to be committed to giving her the training and direction she needs to grow up to be a good pup! The added bonus will be the love and puppy breath kisses you will get in return!
    If you are interested in Trudy, please complete an adoption application ASAP, as puppies tend to get adopted very quickly. Applications will only be considered in our current service area of Greater Louisville, Greater Lexington, and Greater Cincinnati/Dayton.