Sweet Sophie Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge



We heard about GRRAND through our Vet when our first Golden died on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003.  Little did we know that 7 weeks later we would be adopting and bringing home a Golden puppy from GRRAND that was born on that same day.  We named her Sophie, but her birth name was Merrie, since she was born 1 week before Christmas.  We drove from Cincinnati to Louisville to pick her up.  I remember getting to the foster home and all the puppies in the litter were circling around my husband and I, except for one.  She was asleep in the bathroom.  Well, that little sleepy head was who I chose and she wound up being the most rambunctious little puppy!  Over her years with us we raised our 3 children.  She loved going for a ride in our van, walks, camping, hiking, peanut butter, cheese and popcorn.  Everyone who met and knew Sophie loved her.  She died of heart failure in our home on Thursday, Feb. 23 just before 6 PM. The pain of losing her and missing her is not easy, but knowing there are other sweet, loving dogs out there to adopt and give a home to makes it easier.

Thank You GRRAND for all that you do.

Stephanie and Charlie Moore Family