Sweet Selsie Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Memorial Selsie5.9.17I had to let my wonderful GRRAND dog Selsie go on January 27, 2017 from the many issues that arise from being a senior girl 14 ½ years old.  She came to GRRAND in August 2006 at the age of 4 with the name Celsius.  I could never figure out naming a dog that!  I took her in to foster about a month and a half later.  I found that Celsius was too hard to say so I shortened it to Selsie and it stuck!  A few months later we both knew she’d found her forever home.

Memorial.Selsie2.5.9.17Selsie was not exactly what I was looking for in a golden but together she and I worked through her many anxiety issues and her chronic right eye disease (thank you to Dr Tolar for her caring and constant monitoring and treatment!).  It turned out that Selsie was just what I wanted and needed.  She was such a sweet dog and I really miss her.  Thank you GRRAND for rescuing Selsie and helping her find her forever home with me.

Mary Ann Meaney