Sweet Sammy Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge


It makes my heart hurt to have to tell you that 3 days ago I had to have Lap of Love come here to euthanize my dog, Sammy (aka sassy) whom I adopted from you in November.  A couple months after she came to live with me,  she had to have dental work for a couple of fractured teeth.  While at Mason Family family Pet Hospital, Dr. Monday also removed 3 growths that were worrisome and he x-rayed her hips. 

Both Sammy’s regular doctor, Dr. Susan Rogers in Yellow Springs and Dr. Sunday at Mason said her hips were so bad they couldn’t believe she could walk.  But walk she did.  Every morning she was in my face talking to me.  And every morning and every evening we walked.  In the morning she would go to the car cuz she loved to ride.  And we would go to a park and walk for half an hour. 

Then, after car rides her next favorite thing was visiting.  So most mornings we’d go visit someone and if they had a dog she was even happier.  She loved dogs so much that I started fostering so she would have a dog around.

Sammys x-rays also showed that she had been shot.  She had lots of pieces of shrapnel in her, especially along her spine which explained why any loud noise scared her.  And yet she was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest dog I have ever met.

I knew I wouldn’t have her long.  But figured she’d be here for a couple years.  That didn’t happen.  She saw Dr. Susan Rogers for an adjustment and acupuncture every month and was on pain pills and lots of supplements.  But none of that was enough.  While she had all the heart in the world, she was just too broken.

Gradually she didn’t want to walk much anymore.  So she’d just go sit by the car and we’d go for a ride.  But it was getting harder for her to walk up the ramp to get in the car. Two weeks ago she went down a step and the next day couldn’t lower her head to eat.  And she was a huge foodie.  After a couple weeks and doctors visits she was not getting better.  Actually worse.  I could not stand to see her in  pain.  Talked with her doctor and decided it was time to let her go.  It would have been too hard on her to load her and  go to Yellow Springs, so Lap of Love hospice came here.  Dr. Beth was so wonderful and so gentle.  She agreed that it was time and gently, painlessly sent her on way.

My heart is broken.  I have never met such a sweet, kind, gentle, loving animal, in spite of the pain she experienced daily.  The x-rays also showed terrible arthritis everywhere . The doctors said she probably had some level of pain from this her whole life.  But yet she loved everyone.  And everyone, even people that were afraid of dogs loved her.   She greeted everyone at the door and immediately expected pets.  And got them.  She never barked.  Except at 7 for breakfast, 5 for supper and whenever she felt I was ignoring  her or she wanted a treat.

My house feels so very empty.  I miss her so much.  Thank you for rescuing her and entrusting her to me.  When my German shepherd, Jake, died, I contacted you about a small shaggy dog named Bengi.  I knew that being older I needed to downsize .  But  Bengi had gotten adopted.

And somehow I ended up with, instead of a small male dog, a big girl dog.  On our first visit to Dr. Sue she said that Jake, my little GSD, had sent Sammy to me.  Well, I believe he did. 

There were so many wonderful people I dealt with during the adoption process.  I am so grateful to all of you.  Thank you for the gift of Sammy.

M. Long
Dayton ohio