Sweet Miss Bailey-Ann Will Be Missed



Our sweet Miss Bailey-Ann passed over the rainbow bridge today.  Miss Baby-Ann, Bailey-Boo, The Boo.  She was a mama’s girl.

She was a couple weeks shy of her 14th birthday.  She put up a good fight with cancer but it took its toll on her aging body and we couldn’t stand to see her have any more seizures.

Her best buddy in the world was Jackson(Jax)(Grrand) who passed 2 years ago at the age of 13.  They were the “O.G.’s(Original Goldens).  Miss Bailey-Ann came to us when the foster family had a house fire and had to stay with a neighbor family and we saw one picture of her and knew we had to have her.  I drove from Dayton, Ohio that afternoon and picked her up.  The initial meeting of Jackson and Miss Bailey-Ann was a little rough as Jackson wanted to show her whose boss but soon there after they became best buds and he let her rule the roost.  Wrestling with Jackson kept her from requiring hip surgeries.  Jackson’s waitin’ on you up there Miss Bailey-Ann!!

She battled through double hip-dysplasia, tumors(some of them huge) gum disease, eyes ulcers, water treadmill, electro-therapy, adequin shots, vitamins. pain killers, blood pressure meds….the list goes on and on.  She was the million dollar dog!  We loved her like crazy.   She had an internal alarm clock that told her “it’s 6 am and I’m hungry!!!” “it’s 7 pm, where’s my nightly snack??”

She had the prettiest coat on any golden that we have owned.  She had the same groomer for almost 13 years who will miss her dearly.

Dara and I, Lego (the big beefy biter) (Grrand), Miss Katy and Artie will miss you dearly Miss Bailey-Ann!  I don’t know what we’ll do without hearing you panting all day long!

I hope they have enough treats up there!

Kris Fraggos
Dara Demaree