Lilly Runs for the Rainbow Bridge

Our dear sweet Lilly ran for the Rainbow Bridge on October 25, 2019. We adopted Lilly at 1.5 years old in February of 2007, after we were just married. In the 12.5 years we had her we gave birth to four children that she immediately loved and protected.>

In 2009- Lilly, my 9 month old son and I were hit by a car while crossing a cross walk. Lilly went under the car, my son’s stroller barrel-rolled and I was hit, but we came out of the accident with only minor injuries!!!!

In 2013- Lilly was hiking with my husband and son and came upon a pack of coyotes! She ran them far away from Bill and Michael as they chased her. She was attacked by the pack and my husband thought Lilly was going to lose her life that day, but then all of a sudden who emerged from the woods—running alone!!!!! LILLY!! She had several puncture wounds, but had protected her human family.

She helped give me unconditional love as I navigated motherhood with 4 kids under 5 years old! She was calm, patient and obedient! Always letting the little ones climb or rest on her.

There will forever be a void in our home now that she is gone. Our hearts were not ready to let go. We find peace knowing she is running on a golf course now chasing deer and swimming after tennis balls in the river. We love you Lady Lil!

May 14, 2005 – October 25,2019 (14yrs) Adopted by Bill and Dorrie McCarthy in Cincinnati, Ohio