Sweet Girl, Emma Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Memorial Emma 5.9.17Four years ago today a stray Golden in Warren County was taken to GRRAND as a rescue.  Jerome and I had sent in our application and Gail Wunderlin completed our home visit to be able to adopt.  We knew as soon as we saw Emma’s picture she was the girl for us.  We went to meet her in Louisville.  GRRAND scheduled surgery for Em to remove a softball size fatty tumor from her belly, a vascular cyst off her rump and ACL surgery.  Emma went to stay with her Kentucky mom Bobbie Leslie for recovery following surgery.

We brought Emma home on March 17th, 2013.  She was a nervous Nelly; she was always on alert and looking out for her family.  She endured my dressing her up to celebrate each holiday.  She was the sweetest girl, and loved to give kisses and shake with her paw.  She learned to accept her new sister Lilly, and the two were good companions.  I spoke to the vet after he consulted with the surgeon.  Emma had a calcified abdominal mass, which was in a difficult location to biopsy.  Her liver enzymes were going up, and both doctors felt it was cancer.  Emma was going to get progressively worse and weaker, and not wanting her to suffer due to my selfish love and wanting to keep her here with me longer, I made the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep.  I got a McDonald’s cheeseburger and Dunkin Donut holes, and we said our tearful goodbyes.