Sweet Emma Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

My dear, sweet Emma passed away on Mother’s Day at age 14 years 4 months. I adopted her from GRRAND right after she was weened. She was an “only-puppy” of a pregnant young stray, a Golden mix, who was on the euthanasia list at a Western Kentucky shelter. GRRAND saved their lives!

At 7 weeks, Emma joined my 9 year old dog Maggie and me in Cincinnati. Our lives were never the same!!! As an only-puppy, Emma never learned to share. She was a wild child, always vying to be the center of my attention! (You can almost see that in the look in her eyes when first photographed with her new sister Maggie ?.) She LOVED humans, but had no use for other dogs.

When Maggie died at almost 15 years old, Emma, then 5, became an “only-dog” again. No longer needing to compete for anything, I watched her blossom into a calm, focused, smart, sensitive, loving, dog. She taught me that some dogs really do need to be the only dog in the house. Although I really wanted to adopt, again, and foster, I made a conscious decision to honor Emma’s wants and needs to the contrary…and she rewarded me ten-fold. We were inseparable for almost a decade.

She was a wonderful companion and I miss her more than my words can express. Thank you GRRAND for making this all possible. Emma and I had a wonderful time together!

E. Shuman
Emma’s Mom