Surrender Process

Surrendering your dog may be a very difficult, emotional decision. The mission of the GRRAND surrender program is to make the best of such a difficult decision. Since 1994 we have placed well over 4000 dogs, giving us vast experience in the adoption process. You can feel confident that through our rigorous adoption process the dogs in our program are placed with carefully screened adopters who match the dog’s personality, activity level, and training needs.  Our goal is to find the perfect match for a loving relationship between dog and adopter.

Before submitting your application to surrender a dog, have a look at the Surrender FAQ’s that might relate to your situation.  This information is important because we hold to these policies for the safety of our dogs and prospective adoptive families.


Surrender FAQ’s

Why Surrender Your Golden to GRRAND?
Will you take any dog into your rescue program?
Do I need proof of veterinary records for the dog?
Is there a fee I must pay to surrender my dog?
What is the process for surrendering my dog?
What happens to my dog once GRRAND takes ownership?


Surrender Process

Upon receipt of a completed surrender application, GRRAND’s intake coordinator will contact you to obtain a photo of the dog and a copy of its vet records.  Once those are received, the coordinator will evaluate all the information and determine if the dog is a good match for our rescue program.  If not, an explanation will be sent to you identifying why GRRAND is unable to take your dog.  If we place your dog in our rescue program, the coordinator will contact you to gather more information, review questions on the surrender form and arrange to take ownership of your dog.  You will be required to sign a surrender contract relinquishing your dog to GRRAND.

Note to shelters, rescue groups, and veterinary clinics:  If you have a lost or stray Golden, please contact us at or