Sugar Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Sugar resting her head on brother, Beau

My wife Rebecca and I lost our GRRAND dog Sugar this week. Sugar was around 11 years of age and had severe arthritis and cancer, but she was a loving girl who wagged her tail up to the last couple days. We adopted Sugar from GRRAND six years ago and adored her and treated her like the angel she was all the time.  We were blessed to have her. She was also beloved by our other GRRAND dog, Beau, along with our German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees.

Beau is also a wonderful dog who came to us just over three years ago having been hit by a car before GRRAND picked him up, gave him a foster home and eventually let Rebecca and I adopt him. Though he came with a bad hip and little use of one of his rear legs, Beau is also a loving dog who adores attention from people and her brothers, and from Sugar.

We are so thankful you allowed us to adopt our two Goldens.

We miss Sugar dearly, as you can imagine, but her world was filled with love and attention. When the end came, it felt like our vet was just as sad as we were.