Scotty Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

We are so very heartbroken to share that our sweet boy, Scotty, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 18th, 2020.  We adopted Scotty from GRRAND on Jan. 9th, 2009, at the age of two. We won the doggie lottery as he was healthy, loving, loyal, smart, silly and gorgeous!

These past 11 ½ years have been filled with the best unconditional love and silliness that any Golden could give!  Scotty joined our family while we had another dog (Taz) and a kitty (Smokey). He was the best little brother and an awesome friend and helper to our daughter with special needs.  He earned many loving nicknames over the years. Of the most often used were, Mr. Scotland, Bob-A-Loo Belly and simply, Bob-A-Loo.

He loved his walks and became friends with everyone in the neighborhood lucky enough to meet him.  He was our very first Golden and because of him, we cannot imagine going forward without another, to carry on his legacy.

We love and miss you terribly, Silly Willy, Bob-A-Loo Boo, Sugar Sugar, Baby Boy!

Nancy, Tom, Courtney and Jillian