Sadie Adopted!


Age:2 years
Breed:Great Pyr
Intake date:5/07/2020
Post date:6/17/2020
    Sadie came to GRRAND from a very unfortunate living arrangement where she was treated very very poorly by men. With that said, she came to GRRAND a very sad, insecure, scared and non-confident dog who did not want anything to do with men. Sadie was fortunately placed in a foster home with a woman who lived alone but has a dog… With love, patience and confidence building skills, Sadie has just seriously come so far and is ready to find her forever family!!! We are so happy this sweet girl is finding her true self again and is learning that all people are not bad! She will probably do best in a low key home that is willing to continue to work with Sadie on her confidence building skills and socialization. She is currently in a home with a woman only and if a man is in the home, he will need to be gentle and patient with her. We believe a yard with no invisible fence, but a secure above ground fence will be best for her as GPs like to hang out in the yard and keep an eye on things!
    Her wonderful foster mom has written an awesome update on Sadie, and so we would like to share with you what she wrote:

    ‘Sadie is gentle, affectionate, smart and really quite confident. She had her first vet visit last Thursday and did extremely well. In addition to updating her shots, she had her nails trimmed and the huge knots behind her ears shaved. She tolerated all treatments very well and was not nervous or upset (I spoke to the vet who brought her out to me), She weighed 110 pounds and the vet would like her to lose ten pounds. I am feeding her 2 cups in the am, and two cups in the pm. She gets two walks a day totaling about 3-4 miles per day. Her next vet visit is June 10 for her second flu booster.
    Sadie loves her walks and will wait at the door as soon as I get the leashes out. She walks beautifully and does not pull. I am able to walk her with Boomer (50) pounds with no problem.
    For the first 2/3 of the walk, the dogs are allowed to sniff and check out their surroundings and on the last 1/3 home, they heel for practice. She does very well with this program.

    Miss Sadie does not display any submissive or aggressive behavior, particularly with men which was her original problem. She has been introduced to new men on a daily basis since originally meeting my son on my back porch. She has been to a neighborhood graduation parade with cars, horns honking, music playing and teens cheering out of their cars. She tolerated that well once she understood there was no threat. Her initial reaction was to pull back close to me and once she felt confident she relaxed. We then sat on the driveway with other neighbors and she met the group and three other men. They all paid no attention to her, did not look at her or speak. She laid down by me and then gradually got up and I walked her over to the 3 and she greeted them by walking up to them and sniffing. Once she checked them out, they went back to normal conversation and all was well. I have continued to have my son and daughter in law with their two dogs over for several dinners and she played well with their 1 year old Golden and 10 year old German Shepherd. All four dogs ended up on the back yard and the two younger played and the others walked around. All went well. At dinner, all dogs came in and found a spot and laid down while we ate.

    My son brought over some friends who knew of Sadie’s background. All are dog savvy and own dogs themselves. She immediately went to the women and I had asked the men to stay behind the fence and to continue talking amongst themselves. After she had greeted the women she did go up to the fence and allowed all of them to pet her. She did not display any unusual behavior. There was one time one of the men reached his hand up to scratch his head and she stopped the petting, moved back a few feet and once she realized what he was doing moved forward again. A very successful meeting. I am able to converse with male neighbors on the walks and she shows no unusual behavior at all. Originally she did shy away from trucks and any man in them, but even now they can pass or be parked without a problem.

    She knows my routine well. She has had absolutely no accidents in the house. One of the things I have noticed is she would rather eat by herself. I now feed her in my master bathroom which is where she sleeps at night because the tile is cool. No problems eating. She has been left alone with Boomer with no problem when I have gone over to my son’s for dinner. She rides well in the car and gets in on her own.’

    Great Pyrs are not Golden Retrievers and are really a dog that research should be done on before adopting. They are the most loving and protective of their people and yet can be very aloof.)

    ‘I continue to believe that she must go to a Pyr experienced home, or as I mentioned before a big dog experienced home. I think she is actually ready to be adopted because she has adjusted so well. I believe she was probably punished for barking and not listening to commands, and, well, that’s a Great Pyrenees, right?’

    We laugh at her foster mom’s last comment and the answer to her question is YES, and we laugh out loud actually!
    Sadie is a beautiful and young Great Pyr looking for a home that wants to give her the love and affection she deserves!
    If you are interested in meeting Sadie, please fill out an app at