Rocky Adopted!


Age:6 mos
Breed:Flat coat/Border
Intake date:5/07/2020
Post date:5/10/2020
    Rocky is a 6 month old Flat Coat Border Collie mix who is just waiting for YOU! He was turned into a shelter as he kept getting out of his people’s yard, and we believe it was because he was always in the backyard by himself but he wanted to be with them, so he snuck out!

    Here is some info we have received from his foster family…
    Rocky’s Wish List:
    *More food! I am a growing, hungry, food-motivated little guy! Will work for treats!
    *Cozy dog beds and cool floors, depending on my mood and my current temperature!
    *Sitting on your lap and snuggling!
    *Being near people! I really, really like dogs but I think I love my people just a teeny little bit more! (This may change though because I’m really starting to LOVE my canine roommate, Parker, even more so after 24 hours!)
    *Traveling! I am great in my kennel in the car and I absolutely love to go! I’ll snooze…you drive!

    Rocky likes to play but also knows when to chill out for the most part. He is doing very good with his crate and house-training so far. He is a little unsure of some loud noises and unfamiliar sounds (vacuums, doorbells) but seems pretty adaptable. He doesn’t mind a bath and hardly sheds. He absolutely 100% likes to be around people and will be your shadow — following you from room to room. He grunts at you sometimes to make sure you both see him and hear him… it’s super cute. He is very receptive to minimal correction and commands. He already knows how to sit pretty well and is working on many others. He is very food-motivated and will aim to please for a treat! So far, toys aren’t really his thing but maybe I haven’t found the perfect one for him quite yet! We worked on leash manners today so more to come, but he seems very smart!
    Remember, this sweet boy is a needy puppy and he just wants to be with you!!! He loves love and every animal he meets… other dogs, cats and bunnies too!

    Rocky will thrive in a home where there is lots to do and kids to play with as he is always busy… that is the Border Collie/Retriever in him!!! He is a good little dog with a LOT of energy and his home will have to be committed to giving him the exercise and direction he needs to be a good boy!
    Please contact GRRAND for more info!