River Adopted!


Age:2 years
Intake date:10/26/2018
Post date:10/29/2018
    River was sent to GRRAND by a shelter who knew we could find him the right home. He was picked up as a stray and he has an injured right front paw – suspected to be a past injury.
    There have been some additional developments with River’s leg and paw since he initially came to GRRAND and we want to update everyone on his status. When River came to GRRAND, the initial vet he visited did x-rays of his leg and foot and indicated that he had 2 broken toes that were healing and he should be able to use the foot again. When he went to a second vet for his neuter 10 days later, we asked for additional x-rays and a second opinion since River was making no effort to use his foot at all. The second evaluation indicated more significant concerns. River’s leg had significant muscle atrophy and probable nerve damage. It was questionable whether he would ever use it again and we were told it might have to be amputated. We placed River in a wonderful foster home in Louisville and arranged physical therapy with a rehabilitation specialist. River has had 2 therapy sessions now and at the time of his second session, the specialist indicated she feels the muscle mass in his leg has improved. River is going to continue with his therapy in Louisville for the next few months in an ongoing effort to save his leg. He is available for adoption to the right family in Louisville as he goes through this process, but we don’t want to place him outside the Louisville area until has either completed his therapy and is using his leg again, or until we have had to make the unfortunate decision to have his leg amputated. We have had so much interest in this sweet boy and wanted applicants to know about his condition and his current lack of availability for adoption to families outside the Louisville area.