Rio, Best Companion Ever Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

I adopted Rio from GRRAND in September 2010 as a three year-old (born in 2006). He crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday November 30, 2019 after a short illness. Rio came to me well-trained through the REACH program. Throughout his entire life, he was my “shadow,” never wanting to leave my side or the room I was in. When he was younger, he loved long walks around Germantown in the evening, trips to the dog park, and belly rubs (of course). I will miss his constant reassuring presence, his devotion, and even his hair (which I will continue to find for years and years, I hope). My experience with Rio has convinced me more than ever that dogs are a gift from God to show us what it means to love unconditionally, to show compassion, and (most importantly) to appreciate the little blessings and gifts of life all around us. Thank you to GRRAND for matching me with Rio, as he has made my life better as much I have made his.

Daniel M.